Does Your SEO Business Need Kanban?

With the explosion of the internet, SEO businesses have never been busier with everyone trying to beat out their competition and ensuring that their business can be seen at the top of search engine rankings. Of course, this is fantastic news for SEO businesses as they are booming with clients, however this does also mean that it becomes harder and harder to keep on top of projects and ensure that they are being delivered on time and that your business is being as efficient as it possibly can be. If your business is starting to feel overwhelmed with work, or you simply would like it to be a little more structured and organised, then this is a major sign that you should be implementing a Kanban board into your office.

Below, we are taking you through the biggest signs that your SEO business needs Kanban to make it more productive.

Projects Fall by the Wayside

When speaking to owners or managers of an SEO business, you will often here that unless 100% is put into a project, it tends to fall by the wayside and is dead before it has even really begun. When working in a very busy office, this happens all the time, particularly when a project is not the top priority for a company. Everyone in the office is concentrating on the tasks that are the most important to them and their role and unless one person is championing a project, people tend to forget about it and this can cost a company a lot of money.

This is where Kanban can step into help. Kanban boards will ensure that no one in the office forgets about a project and, since it is always sitting right in front of you, this will ensure that it does get completed and that company time and money has not been wasted on this project.

Relying on Status Reports to Measure Progress

Status reporting leaves a lot of room for human error as people are not usually as effective as a software programme is. It is just human nature not to accurately report on the status of a project as people do tend to report that things are going a little bit better than they really are. Then, with every step up the company career ladder, this project status tends to become more and more positive until it really is not accurate at all. It is important within any company that you not only have people giving status reports, but that you also have software in place to do this too.

Kanban is a fantastic way to visualise company projects and you can see exactly where they are at in real time. Some Kanban software is even now so technologically advanced that it can generate reports for you! This is a more scalable way to run a company as it will provide the most accurate information and won’t be skewed along the way. It makes everything more transparent, so no matter where you are at the company career ladder, everyone will have access to the same information about the status of the project.

The Company is Missing Deadlines

In an organisation where processes are not streamlined, this leaves more room for error and projects are far more likely to miss their deadlines. You will tend to find that as a company gets bigger, there is then more room, especially at the beginning of a project, to spend a lot of unnecessary time planning and talking about projects, rather than just getting on with it and doing it. When there is no indicator of where a project status is at, this is often then when they are put on the backburner and then it is a stressful race against time as the deadline looms to get the project finished and completed on time.

If this is something that happens regularly in your office, then it is important that you implement a Kanban process to streamline company work better. This will ensure that your work flows smoothly and you won’t be caught off guard by nearing deadlines and then having to rush a project to try and complete it. When you use a Kanban board, there are no nasty surprises to catch you off guard and the team is far more equipped to take charge and handle a project.

Team Members Feel Overloaded

A large problem in many companies is that work is not distributed effectively. If you notice that certain areas of the office are being overloaded with work, then you must try and find a way to solve it.

What’s great about implementing the Kanban method to solve this type of problem is that it will easily highlight the bottlenecks in any company who need more investment and help to keep up with demand.



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