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6 Best Free Online Drawing Tools

A number of useful drawing tools are made available.Drawing tools are useful in page layout and graph windows for highlighting material with boxes, circles and arrows and can also be used to create diagrams. These drawing tools are object-oriented and optimized for the creation of publication quality graphics.

1.All My Magic


3.Favicon Icon Drawing


5.Litha Paint

6.Art Pad

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  1. Mitchell Blankenship

    I was pretty surprised that Aviary wasn’t on the list. They have a variety of very nice web based tools for drawing, modeling, and audio editing.

  2. Plumber Sydney

    I’ve used Sumo paint before too. That one should be on the list.

  3. Great list…thanks for posting it. We just added 2 great drawing tools to our drawing lessons site. One is a drawing app and the other one is a collaborative drawing tool where many artists can create a drawing together. The site is – thanks for considering adding it to your awesome list. :)


  4. Shahid

    Introducing, a free, full featured, online graphic design software for doing layered painting, vector drawing, photo editing and page layout. It’s the first Flash based painting program with full support for pressure sensitive Pen Tablets.

    Fatpaint has more drawing and painting features than any other online graphics application, and it has built-in thousands of graphical resources.

    We have worked very hard developing Fatpaint and therefore we are interested in your feedback.
    So any suggestions or/and ideas for improving the software would be highly appreciated.


  5. Online

    Has anyone tried the sketching/ drawing apps that you can get with the MAC store?

    1. Toy

      Yes, it is very easy to use, but works best with the light pens.. otherwise not so great.

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