How to Exchange Links Without Being Penalized

As a webmaster, I am always thinking how to get backlinks. Webmasters of new websites usually start their link building with link exchange. However, link exchange leads to Google penalties. Many webmasters made this mistake.

Is it possible to exchange links without being penalized? Yes it is possible. In this post we will see how you can exchange links without being penalized by Google. Let’s see some safe link exchange methods.


If you have social media profile that allows you to make link to a website, you can use it in link exchange. Some of this profiles (like squidoo, fiver …) even gives you dofollow link that pass pagerank.

link exchange

Only drawback of this method is that not many webmasters would accept link exchange for social network profile link. However, sometimes you can get very valuable backlink from social network profile.


If you own two websites you can easily and safely exchange links.

link exchange

This is very good method for link exchange because you practically create two natural one-way backlinks.


If you are offered an opportunity to exchange links, but partner’s website isn’t relevant to your website, there is workaround to make this link useful. You can make another website with two pages. One page should have content relevant to partner’s website. Second page should be relevant to your website and you should put a link to your website on it.

link exchange

This is great method to make sure every backlink will be relevant and useful. You will use less than a half of its power, but you will be sure that backlink won’t be devaluated by Google.


Link exchange isn’t a good way to build your reputation on the internet (and search engines). Even though there are methods to avoid penalties when exchanging links, it’s possible that in future Google will be able to detect these tricks and penalize you. Also, if you want to earn money from your website, you need human visitors, not search engine bots. Use link exchange as your last resort.


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