Effective Process Management Solution: My Experience With Comindware.

After reading a very informative description of Comindware solution,  I decided to express my own point of view about this new effective software solution for project management which has the potential to seriously simplify our daily work within software projects. As an experienced project manager, I know a lot about effective programs and the methods of process organization that they involve.

Comindware Tracker is the online software solution for workflow automation.  To my mind, the most convenient feature of Comindware system is the accessibility through a browser.  Every member of a project team will have an access for live updates upon the process, and the possibility of exchanging the information by means of special collaborative tools. Stakeholders and freelance professionals who work remotely over a project can have role-based access to all the important information about project tasks by means of such software.


Every company department can automate existing processes and find benefits in using Comindware Tracker:

  • HR professionals will evaluate the convenience of systematization of workflow in the sphere of human resource management.  By means of Comindware Tracker it will be simpler to implement the procedures of hiring and firing the staff of a company, and to organize job interviews.
  • IT team will also find this Tracker useful because with the help of this software each specialist will know exactly which job and duties he is responsible for and what is the deadline and current status of each task assigned to him.
  • Those specialists who are adherents of the automation of business processes will also feel happy while using Comindware Tracker because now the majority of routine operations which used to require efforts every day can be automatized.

Comindware is being constantly updating. The recent update has added valuable features to the product:

Now Comindware Tracker is available from mobile devices. Now a member of a project can access all the data connected with the current projects not only from a desktop browser, but also from any mobile device. It is possible to perform constant control over the project.

The possibility to create and assign items and tasks directly from your mailbox is another useful feature that has nearly transformed my email into a GTD system. You need to just write a message from Outlook and send it to a mailbox that you specially set for those purposes. Comindware Tracker will automatically create an item, start the process, and then distribute work tasks to the team members. I love this feature because I hate spending time on routine actions, and I can only regret there has not been created anything like this earlier.

Comindware gives the opportunity to test the system for free. The free 30 days trial version of Comindware Tracker comes with lifetime free solution for task management. Try to play around with it on your own, I welcome comments, and I think it would be great to share our experience on the solution. Have you already tried Comindware? Tell me.

About the author:

Steward Copper works as a CIO in one of online project management informational resources. Fond of task management, business process automation, project management and software systems, he studies every aspect within this field.


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