Valuable Facebook Enhancement Tools

Facebook is the current leading social media network platform around the world. Because of this, web developers and designers constantly develop great tools that will make Facebook never go out of style. These tools will also give a big boost to users who are using Facebook to promote their business ventures.
Update and optimize your Facebook pages in getting new clients and build more traffic with these awesome enhancement tools.

Facebook Tools for WordPress

This is a cool WordPress plugin that permits the user to insert a ‘like’ button, send button, comments box, auto insertion of OpenGraph tags and retrieve FB comments

Media Feedia

A comprehensive FB tool that provides users an efficient way to market their business. It lets you manage multiple accounts at once, get email notifications from your fan pages, set admins to your account and at the same time protect your page, and schedule your posts with images and links.

Buddy Media

It fuels your Facebook presence by allowing you to get connected with your FB fans, drives lots of traffic to your site, and monitors the fan feedback.

All Facebook Stats

This tool imports your Facebook insights data and tracks down and compares your Facebook pages and places in detail. It also gives you in-depth analyses in the fields fans, interaction and content, manages large amounts of pages in one place, plus a fully automated process which saves you time and lets you focus on the more important things, with a customizable dashboard with all your stats on one page, benchmarking vs. competitors and best-examples.


It lets you design better FB pages for free and lets you customize it with contests, videos, sweepstakes, custom forms and more.


This lets you track your own stats about your growth of your fan base along with those of your competitors and informs you about the trends and activity changes.


This is another cool site that lets users customize and design their Facebook fan page easily for free and with no graphing and coding skills needed. It gets published instantly and gains more fans and likes.

Webtrends for Facebook

This is a very useful tool that pulls data from your Facebook pages and apps using Facebook API. It provides deep analysis of your FB properties and toggle every data table. An additional conversation data is available with the Webtrends tag and within a couple of clicks, about less than 30 seconds, you start seeing ideas about what’s working and what’s not.


It offers a lot of Facebook tools including an FB page evaluator, custom wall apps, customizing appearance of your fan page and more. The Virtue Publisher gives you the best possible two-way conversation by delivering your brand’s message directly to your Facebook feeds.

How to Design a Facebook Landing Page

This is a video tutorial on how to create your Facebook landing page design using iFrames.


Facebook Developers

This is a very useful tool for any developer who wants to link Facebook Platform with their own creation. The FB team gives you collection of tutorials and coming straight from the guys behind this, here are the specific tools.
1. Like Button – this lets the users share pages from your site back to their profile with just one click.
2. Comments – lets the users comment on the contents posted on your site.
3. Login Button- shows profile images of the user’s friends who have already signed up for your site.
4. Registration – allows users to sign up easily for your site using their account.
5. Javascript Test Console – simple way to test the Javascript SDK.
6. Debugger – helps debug your Open Graph pages.
7. Test User API – Test user is a user account associated with app built for testing the functionality. of the application. Facebook Platform supports the creation of users via Graph API for manual and automated tests.

1. Canvas Tutorial – walks you thru major steps to getting your app running within Facebook chrome.
2. Apps on – integrate deeply into the core of using Facebook.
3. Page Tab Tutorial – the ability for your app to be used within the context of Facebook page.
4. Mobile App – gives you the basic guidelines of creating mobile apps that provides the Facebook Platform.

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