Zwiggo: A Social Network For Groups

Zwiggo is a platform that makes sharing and collaborating in groups incredibly easy.

Getting started is very simple: no personal information is required, and anyone can create a private or public ‘space’ for their group, customize it with Apps, and invite other people in seconds.

Because a space start out as a blank slate, you choose only the functionality you want in a space in the form of Apps, which include image galleries, realtime chat, message boards and voteable task lists. There’s no navigating around features that will never be used.

Friends can plan trips and social events using a space right away. Small organizations will also find the Apps offered very helpful for organize their projects. In addition, user-created public spaces will let strangers come together around common interests.


Difference from other collaboration platforms

The difference is mainly that Zwiggo is a casual platform, aimed at consumers and not just organizations, like most of the other collaboration sites. There are a lot of great collaboration tools for professional use, but these are mostly difficult to set up and by no means meant for just planning a trip with friends.

Creating a ‘space’ with Zwiggo is really easy; just enter a name for a space and invite some friends over. Most platforms have a fixed set of applications that you can use, while this service offers users the choice of which applications they want to install for each space.

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Reasons groups would want to use this

There’s a bunch of things groups can do. They can start a real-time discussion about a topic by using the chat app. Or if planning a trip, there’s an app where everyone can vote on a date, and a map app to pick out cities. After they’ve left, they can use the photo app to share photos from the trip, and finally use the blog app to swap stories about the trip. The scenario could really be any social event, such as a wedding, a birthday or a holiday.

Just take any special interest group, like readers of thriller novels. Someone creates a public space, and others join in. They then could use the Book app to suggest and discuss books, use the calendar to plan and announce get-togethers. There’s a lot of flexibility, really, because all the possibilities depend on which apps are installed.

Organizing meetups for your sports team or club, for example, is another type of social event that can benefit from using this. Or with a public space for cat lovers, members could share anything about their pets easily by using the right apps, or ask other members for advice.

To check out Zwiggo yourself, visit

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