[Giveaway] 1AVStreamer – The ultimate audio and video broadcaster and recorder

PCWinSoft is offering free licenses of 1AVStreamer, the ultimate audio and video broadcaster and recorder software. 1AVStreamer costs $59.95 but in this here promotion you get it for FREE.

1AVStreamer is considered the easiest way to broadcast audio and video to the Internet because with 1AVStreamer all configuration is visual and there is no need to pass parameters on command-lines and none of that not fun stuff.
1AVStreamer works with Windows Media encoders to broadcast video and/or audio, and it supports all Windows Media encoders from version 7 up to the Microsoft Expression Encoder recently released. 1AVStreamer allowsyou to edit your encoders and change all kinds of parameters visually and you can test it right away so it is fun to play with the settings and be able to instantly check out the results.
You must have in mind that a broadcast must have a bit-rate the same or higher than your audience’s in a way so that your clients get your broadcast without interruptions for buffering. Once you got that understood you will be able to configure your broadcasts according to your audience Internet connection speed. So, you can broadcast a Blue Ray video for your friends and/or co-workers in high definition as long as your audience has fast Internet connections. If your audience does not have fast Internet connections then you must decrease the bit-rate on your encoder to be able to broadcast smoothly.


1AVStremear allows you to embed the live-video embeddable code into your webpage by simply copying the code 1AVStremaer makes available to you once a broadcast starts and paste that code directly into your webpage on your website and just like magic you got live video running on your website.
1AVStreamer is also a video and audio recorder so you can record your favorite videos from the Internet, you can record your favorite songs from the Internet, you can record your webcam time-stamped or not, you can record narrated tutorials of screen activity, you can record videos played inside web browsers, you can record videos played inside media players, you can record video coming in from your TV tuner card or a device attached to it, and you can take pictures in JPG with the level of quality/size you select so you can take screenshots, webcam shots, snapshots of any video source available.


1AVStreamer was designed in a way you never have to reconfigure anything because it works with 19 different profiles, each one representing the combination of a video source with or without an audio source and a task, or an audio source and a task. In this manner you go from one profile to the other with one click, one minute you are recording a narrated tutorial, the next minute you are recording songs from the web, the next you can be taking pictures from your webcam, and the best of all this is that when 1AVStreamer runs for the first time it automatically detects the hardware you have installed and creates ready-to-be-used profiles so you literally don’t have to configure anything. Right out the box you are ready for action.
1AVStreamer can be set to start when Windows starts and it has a twist you will like if spying is your thing: 1AVStreamer can run in stealth mode so you can watch live video of the person using your PC without them knowing about it and without them having means to discover because 1AVStreamer hides itself even on Task Manager.
It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

To receive your free license of 1AVStreamer simply register here:



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