Google Ecosystem and How It Impacts SEO

Many believe that SEO is only about onsite and off-site optimization. Though this may be true to some extent, it’s important to understand the entire Goggle ecosystem for effective SEO. What do I mean by Google ecosystem?


Google is the behemoth of onsite world

You can find the footprint of Google everywhere on the net. Most people have migrated to Gmail, the free email service from Google. Aside from search, Google has AdWords, AdSense, Docs, Groups, Chrome, Places, News, Mobile, Buzz, Talk, Maps ……….the list is endless. And now Google with Plus has entered the domain of Facebook as well. In a way, Google is Gooooooooooooooole with a capital G. Most of its services are free. The obvious question is how does Google earn money ?

Two money making parts of Google

The first is Google AdSense. This is a big part of the ecosystem which I am talking about. Google provides online advertisements for a fee with its AdWords program. When someone searches for a specific keyword, Google not only throws up organic results but also paid advertisements. These ads can be seen on the right and top panels of Gmail. But this is only one part of AdWords. The bigger part consists of paid advertisements which appear on various websites. The paid ads are served contextually on various sites and here is the rub. People will click on the paid ads only if they are relevant. Conversely, if people find the ads irrelevant they will not click on them and Google will not earn anything. This is the reason why Google pays so much attention to content and entire Google system is built around relevant content. The other part of AdWords is AdSense, in which websites carrying the paid advertisements get a share of the earnings. Essentially Google is heavily dependent upon content for survival.

The other earning stream for Google is business solutions. These services are upgrades to the free offering. These are quite popular since they are offered as PaaS or Platform as a service.

The bigger picture

Coming back to SEO, we must realize that all our efforts must be to compliment Google. If   our keyword phrase is ‘car title loan’, we must ensure that the content of the website targeting this keyword phrase is focused on title loans. Variation likes ‘Auto title loans’ are also relevant and permissible. If you are part of AdWords campaign, you must once again ensure that your ads are meaningful and lead to fulfillment.


Google ecosystem is geared towards fulfillment. If users find relevant content using Google search, they will use it more. This means more users, more clicks and more revenue. If Google earns, you also gain. Content and relevance have significant impact on the health of entire system. If or when you start getting absurd search results, you will stop using Google search. This is the prime reason why Google puts such great emphasis on content – its life depends on it and so does yours.

Sarah Waters lives in Los Angeles and blogs on various subjects including tech and financial news.   She writes to help consumers maximize their potential. She also writes for websites offering auto title loans  and car title loans.


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