Google+ Hangouts – one of the leading eCommerce business tool

Google+ launches one of its interesting feature called Google+ Hangouts especially for the business entrepreneur.  It is one of the prevalent components of the Google+ platform. The biggest advantage that the Google+ Hangout offer is that it enables live video chats with up to ten people who are using Google+, mobile apps for iPhone and Android and your website. If you are someone who wants to experiment with live video for your eCommerce store, this is the best cost-effective way to do it.

If you get the opportunity to connect with more than one individual at a time, it opens up a host of possibilities for your eCommerce business. Now the question lies how can you incorporate Google hangouts in your website? You can simply integrate Hangouts in your eCommerce website by using snippet of JavaScript code. Also record sessions for viewing later by anyone who uses a feature known as Hangout On Air can also be utilized while embedding Google+ Hangouts in your website.

google plus hangout

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, your profit graph will always be in the positive direction as Hangouts offer several productive features. Nothing can be better than screen sharing and access to Google Drive for your business. Moreover, as you can also integrate Hangouts with Google Calendar wherein the users can add hangouts directly from the calendar event, half of your job is done. Therefore, you can well imagine the positive impact of Google+ Hangouts for your eCommerce deal. Let’s give you a comprehensive picture of how your business can improve the lead and augment the sale through Hangouts.

Hangouts help in demonstrating and training products:

If your new customers are not aware of any products that you want to sell what would you do? You can simply conduct a training session or give a brief demonstration about your product via Google+ Hangouts. The customer gets the opportunity to ask questions and you can answer them on a real time basis if these sessions are conducted in Hangout. Moreover if any participants want to view the products from a different angle or want to know certain aspect of the training and demonstration, you can listen to them and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Hangouts help in virtual help desk:

If your eCommerce store sells physical products, you can conduct warranty support functions and customer assistance program through Google+ Hangouts. Consumers are more concerned about how long the product comes under the warranty and how they can benefit from them.

Hangouts help in Meetings and internal conferences:

Google+ Hangouts are not solely for the consumers. The hangout feature can also be utilized to manage any other person involved in the business. This is particularly helpful when the contributors are located in different countries or parts across the globe.

Hangouts help in Crowd sourcing:

Well if you think you have nowhere to share your views or receive the customer’s view no need to worry anymore. Google+ Hangout is the ideal forum to share your thoughts regarding any new products and services. This helps in converting your potential customers to actual customers. Moreover, if your customers get an opportunity to share their feedback, they feel they are valued. This makes them remain your loyal customers.

Google+ Hangouts improve brand awareness, lift your social standing and bring your establishment close to your clients.

So as you see that Google+ Hangout can bring a positive change in your eCommerce business, you would now definitely want to check out as how to get started with this amazing tool. Well, this blog post will also help you to get Hangouts integrated in your website. Take a look at the steps below.

Step 1:

Open the home screen page of the Google+. Here you can see your friend’s activities. Now check the Hangouts section in the right sidebar. Click on the Hangouts button.

Step 2:

The Hangout dialogue box would be opened where you will be instructed to do the following activity:

Select a name for the Hangouts

Add email addresses, names of the people and Google+ circles. You also get the option of adding participants through telephone. The only thing is that you can only have voice access with them.

The best part is if you want to enable the Hangouts on Air, you can do that as well.

Step 3:

In order to begin the sessions now click on the “Hangouts” button. If the Hangouts On Air is enabled on any website   then your Hangout will start broadcasting on your YouTube channel and Google+ profile.

Importance of Google Hangouts On Air:

Hangout on air

Google hangouts On Air is a significant tool to create public or live video chats. These videos stream from your Google+ profile to your YouTube channel where you can save the video and view them later. You can also share the YouTube URL with any individual who wants to view your broadcast live.

How can you utilize Hangouts On Air: As Hangout On Air becomes a YouTube video automatically, you can therefore, use them in several ways:

You can broadcast a tutorial on your products and services: If you sell customized cosmetics, use Hangout On Air to inform the consumer regarding what are the ingredients you have used and the process to make the cosmetics.

Conduct “behind the scene” interview: By interviewing people or your fans you are actually allowing them further access to your brand.

Interview of the Subject Matter expert:  If you can find a subject matter expert in your field that nothing like that. You can conduct a live question and answer session and then broadcast the discussion on your Google+ page as well as in the YouTube channel.

These ideas will always get you started and accomplish your dream to reach the ladder of success.

Hopefully, by this time you must be aware of why Hangout is gradually becoming the preferred choice of every business. Attractive user interface, live streamed sessions, no hassle for downloads has made Google+ Hangouts so far the best eCommerce business tool.

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