Guide For San Diego Travelers: Do or Die!

New York can boast its yellow cabs. Seattle has the brightest coffee traditions and San Diego…is a popular mecca for surfers! Is that all? If you are an enthusiastic traveler, you can rent a car in San Diego and welcome! This is a place, where you can try yourself in many different beginnings. Just check few important tips about the city before you go.

Best Time to Visit San Diego

Every month is good for visiting San Diego! Of course, if you want to stay aside from the crowds of tourists, come here in March or September. The most overcrowded months are summer months. January and February meet you with heavy rains. Hunting for the cheapest hotel prices, come to San Diego in autumn and winter. The temperature is still warm and the prices are lower than ever.


A car is needed when you are travelling! If you want to see more attractions and cross the city from end to end, you need a car just from the airport. By the way, comfortable mobile apps are available. Traditionally, the earlier you boor a car, the cheaper price may be. The buses are mostly available in the city center and the prices for taxi are rather high.

Learn Before You Go!

  1. Go to the beach

San Diego offers to visit about 17 miles of a long beach line. Definitely, all roads lead to the beach. And the most of the tourists really spend their time on the beach, surfing, diving, doing sport, drinking cocktails, and spending time with pleasure. Comfortable beaches are also good for wind surfing, hang-gliding, fishing. There are private and public beaches. You can find more information about it on the web.

  1. Car driving

Sand Diego is a suburban city. Make sure that you rent a good car that is strong enough to drive any road of any condition. If you don’t want to spend time for hotel, try to rent a van or mini van. There are many camping places around the city. But you can drive not only a car in San Diego. There are special routes for cyclers, especially in the central regions.

  1. San Diego districts and suburbs

The districts of San Diego are interesting in their own way. You can find everything you are looking for. Thus, looking for relaxation and romantic atmosphere, you should come to Encinitas. Bankers Hill attracts you with its views and close city center. Ocean Beach welcomes all beach lovers. Family tourists usually come to Carmel Valley. Pick one!

  1. Mexican food

Everybody knows that San Diego is situated close to Mexico. That’s why Mexican food is popular here. It’s very convenient, as you can easily try American and Mexican dishes on your taste. The smallest but highly popular place to try traditional Mexican dishes is La Puerta. The restaurant is good for visiting it with all your family for dinner. Why do people come here again and again? The answer of simple! They still use old recipes for their dishes that the new generation knows nothing about. What to try? You are recommended to order the Surf and Turf. This legendary dish combines meat and seafood, steak and shrimps. Isn’t it a weird combination?

If you don’t want to visit this restaurant you can simply stop somewhere at the street vendors to try something traditionally Mexican, like Tacos and Burritos at an affordable price.

  1. Nightlife

Of course, you should admire the sunset, enjoy Mexican food, spend the whole day at the beach, and go diving. Also, you have a chance to hang out with friends somewhere in the nightclub. Clubbing is very popular in San Diego. The most popular place for tourists is the Phantom Lounge. What can you get there for your money? First of all, you will get the finest Jazz. Also, you are offered to enjoy great local drinks. You have a chance to admire the night city views form the club terrace. You should climb up the Altitude Sky Lounge – popular rooftop bar in San Diego. Hunting for the local treats, try locally brewed beer. San Diego has a reputation of being some of the best in the US in brewing.

  1. Local Products

San Diego is a city of farmers and markets. You can find fresh food at every step. There is nothing better than eating fresh and home-grown avocados and guavas, tomatoes and corn, eggs and meat. Have you ever tried local omelet? It’s mouthwatering not only by look, but also by taste.

Congratulations! You are going to visit San Diego – one of the brightest cities of the USA. Being tourist is not always pleasant. If you know enough information about the city you are going to, you will have good time there! Where to stop? What to eat? Where to rent a car? Hope, this, and many other questions are already answered!


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