Healthy content is crucial for SEO

Content is not a rubber stamp, but the active agent of the SEO process. It has the power to lead and tendency to dive the attention of a reader or any information seeker. Content can be of any type, as it can be some useful article, some image or some video. You can observe it more clearly on different sites, which are exclusively running on unique content.


Like YouTube run videos and songs on a massive level, Flicker can show you millions of images. Similarly, Facebook can attract you through its diverse content. Hence, it’s proven that “content is the king of SEO” and the most basic tip for a new born SEO.

You need written content

Pictures and images can explain any cause or issue very well. Even, they can be used for entertainment purposes, but they cannot be contested against written content. Creative content has the power to lead the minds and can easily manipulate them to make some decision. Like in SEO, content is the base for promotion, advertising, reviews and other stuff like that. An image can depict a situation quite very well, but it cannot explain it in detail. It seems videos and images are also attached with words.

How much you need?

If you start SEO as a beginner, then you need to consider what type of content you require to post on your blog or website to attract visitors. The nature of content totally depends upon the type of your site. A niche-specified site requires specific topics. So, you have to create the content carefully while using your creativity.

Make sure that you are not just twisting words and embedding facts and figures, but keeping it simple and in accordance with the general mindset of the target audience. Once you have made your mind regarding content on your site, then you can provide better writings with little efforts.

What they want from you?

By and large, you should provide maximum information in the shape of small chunks. Remember one thing; always follow the contemporary writing style, as copywriting style is quite in these days. People love to read and pay attention to such interesting content, which is designed for them. Obviously, you can’t use some old-fashioned literary style articles to catch their attention.

If you think you are not a good writer, then why not hire some professional copywriter for your website? At least, he can provide you with some SEO-friendly content, which will help you a lot in order to establish good ranking. Never hesitate to do some new stuff or experiments with the content you provide on your website or blog. If you can do some good, then do it and show the reader how much knowledgeable and creative you are! Always treat your readers as young students who know nothing and it’s your job to teach them well about everything.

One thing should never be compromised after style and expression. It is the quality of the written content you offer. The tone of your writing should be impressive and rather than using plagiarized content, try to create something on your own. It is essential for SEO as well, as different search engines prefer to index those sites, which are promoting fresh content. Similarly, the year 2011 is considered to be the year of fresh content. So, produce it if you want to have good ranking of your website.

Divide your content in headings, sub headings and pointers

As said before, you should apply copywriting style in your writing. Now, rather than playing with the words, it’s very important to give small, but engaging headings, sub heading and pointers in your content. Of course, readers have no spare time to even gaze at your article. They don’t want to read some “essay” type of content. So, do a favor to yourself and organize your content in such a way that a user could love to read it.

Headings, sub headings, sub titles and pointers can do well to promote the issue comprehensively. A reader will pay more attention to such content, which is divided into small chunks of information rather than an aimless solid article. Win their trust by giving them the type of content they need.

Keywords are good for you content

Yes, they can support your ordinary or extraordinary content by making it SEO-friendly. Doing some venture while keeping SEO in mind, you have to follow certain rules for producing good content. If you are good SEO, then you can easily embed “keywords” in your content. Your written content should contain a handsome amount of sensible keywords. You can use them after selecting the high ranking keywords through “Google Adwords” or “Google Insight.”

Keywords should be sensibly embedded in the whole content. Whether it’s title, body or conclusion, you should sprinkle relevant keywords in the whole article. Similarly, use good vocabulary and provide them with something unique, but understandable. Let them enjoy while reading your stories. Are these tips and tricks viable enough to boost the ranking of your website?

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