Here’s Why Every Web Designer Should Try Sitejet

There are several tools that web designers can use to create amazing and responsive web pages. As a web designer, you probably have some favourites of your own. You have one program to design the interface and layout, one to write and edit HTML, one to communicate with your clients, and you may even have a different one for your to-do lists. But what if we told you that there’s a tool that incorporates all of these functionalities?

It’s called Sitejet, and if you aren’t already convinced, let’s look at some of the reasons why you need to try it out, immediately.

Excellent Client Communication

If we’re being honest, a website is only as good as the client says it is. If a designer sets up the best website ever, complete with an intuitive user interface and stunning graphics, it’s not worth anything if the client doesn’t love it. This is why there needs to be excellent communication between client and web designer. You need to be able to understand your client’s needs and ideas in order to turn them into a perfect website.

Sitejet allows for smooth back and forth communication between you and your client. It lets you involve your client in the whole web design process, from start to finish. With a feature called presentation mode, you can invite your clients to preview the website on three different kinds of device screens (phone, pc and tablet).

You can also give them access, and let them leave comments on different elements on the website. That way, you can easily understand what they say and get more insight into how they want their website to look. Not only will this eliminate all the back and forth movements that you have with other platforms, but you also get to finish the project quicker.

Speedy Project Delivery

The speed that Sitejet can give your project goes beyond just nailing what your clients want the first time around. It also makes sure that you can get to whatever you want to get to easily. Depending on what you’re working on, the bulk of your web design jobs will include editing code and arranging elements. Sitejet anticipates this, and has made everything one click or shortcut away.

Another thing that expedites the process is that you don’t have to build your template from scratch. You can simply use one of Sitejet’s ever-growing list of templates. Unlike templates you get from other platforms, you can edit these, down to the code and tailor them however you like.

Easier Team Management

Sometimes, you’re working with a team of developers on a single project. With word processing, you already have tools that can help you interface with your team without any hiccups — for example when using Google docs. Sitejet lets you do the same thing with web design.

If you run a web design agency, you can assign responsibilities to each member of your team and track their progress. Sitejet also has a time tracking feature that enables you to see the overall time spent on each task. When you break your project into milestones, you can see how quickly each milestone is reached, and that can inform you about future projects.

While team management is important, project management is also important. With most tools, you’d need to switch between open tabs in a browser if you wanted to work on different projects, but not with Sitejet. You can access all your active projects from your dashboard, and that includes viewing your client’s comments and editing your websites, all within the dashboard. It’s basically your control centre for every project you have active on Sitejet.

The Bottom Line

The reason Sitejet seems like an answer to every problem web designers have had thus far is that it was created by web designers. The Sitejet team originally developed the tool to help them manage their numerous projects because they thought the available tools were insufficient.

After using the program to initiate and complete over 4,000 websites, they discovered that it could fly as a stand-alone tool. As the first tool by web designers for web designers, it’s basically all you’ll ever need to build your site.


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