20 Examples of Home Office Interior Design

Home offices are becoming increasingly common as evermore people work from the domestic environment. The Internet has enabled remote working, while rapid developments in computer hardware mean that all office activities can be carried out on very simple setups, often needing little more than a laptop, desk, telephone or mobile device. As such, home office interior design can be very simple and uncluttered, stylishly minimalist and arranged for maximum productivity. This post brings together 20 examples of neat and minimal office setups to amaze and inspire.

1. My Office by Travis Isaacs.

My office, March 2008
Travis Isaacs presents a clean and colourful clutter-free office space, complete with carefully selected artwork and sensitive lighting. The minimal office arrangement features a single Samsung SyncMaster 204T monitor combined with Isaacs’ Mac to leave plenty of space on the dark wooden desktop.

2. Urban Cabin – Writer’s Office by Jeremy Levine.

Urban Cabin - Writer's Office
Jeremy Levine Design created this exquisite urban office interior, with a clean desktop setup, easily accessible reference library and windows that open onto views of the San Fernando Valley in California. The room is constructed over a domestic garage space, employing a range of natural woods: maple on the floors and walls, cedar for the ceiling and exposed Douglas-fir beams to add to log cabin aesthetic.

3. Brooklyn Home Office by Mackenzie Kosut.

Where's The Pomeranian?
Mackenzie Kosut’s brilliant home office is a neat and tidy setup with great views of the Brooklyn skyline. One window panel has been used as a brainstorming clear ‘whiteboard’ to sketch out ideas, while the owner’s pet Pomeranian dog has made itself at home in one of the office’s storage units.

4. Home Sweet Studio by Geishaboy500.

Home Sweet Studio
This Apple-orientated home office is arranged around a solid wooden corner desk, with an ergonomic chair and a skylight which bathes the space in natural light.

5. VANOC Offices Vancouver by SSDG Interiors.

VANOC Offices Vancouver
SSDG Interiors Inc. designed the offices for Vanoc, the organizing committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

6. Desk by Morten Liebach.

Morten Liebach presents this cool minimalist office design with simple, stylish features and a modified desk. Liebach replaced the original wooden tabletop with a salvaged glass door, adding to the clean aesthetic.

7. Minimal Office by Petyo Ivanov.

Marcus and Dave
Petyo Ivanov has stripped things down to the bare essentials in his office setup, which only features an adjustable seat and laptop stand combination. The windows provide inspiring views of Sofia, Bulgaria.

8. Home Office by Sean Hobson.

home office
Sean Hobson has created another excellent example of an uncluttered office environment featuring two monitors hooked up to a Mac Mini and a Dell XPS Gen4. The wireless keyboard and mouse add to the fuss-free feel of the workstation’s design.

9. Desk by Nils Geylen.

This clean, simple and minimal desk setup from Nils Geylen is pared down to the bare necessities.

10. Apple Workstation by Raul Gonzalo.

2009 Apple Workstation (Top)
Animator Raul Gonzalo has built this workstation around his extensive collection of Apple hardware.

11. Clark County-Parade of Homes-Office by Garrisson Hullinger.

Clark County - Parade of Homes - Office
Designer Garrisson Hullinger created this elegant office interior, which showcases a variety of contemporary classic furnishings including a desk with brilliant chrome trestle supports.

12. Home Office by Blupics.

Home Office | San Francisco
This beautifully refined office design allows two people to work opposite each other at the desk, which is equipped with simple twinned features of monitors, lamps, keyboard and mice. The computers are a MacMini and a G5, both concealed and suspended underneath the desktop.

13. Basement Office by Adam Selwood.

Basement Office - Doors Open
The best office designs make the most of all available space. In this case, the designers refurbished their home’s basement into a purpose built work and living area. The office is completely contained in a wardrobe unit, with the monitor mounted on a glass shelf, keyboard and mouse below on retractable drawer. Careful use of lighting creates a pleasant ambience, while the sliding doors mean the whole office can be hidden when not in use.

14. Completed Man Cave by Yury Primakov.

The completed man cave
This wide-angle shot captures Yury Primakov’s ‘man cave’, with its extensive desk and floor space, wall-mounted TV and a comfortable sofa for relaxing and unwinding. Concealing all cables behind the walls and stashing most of the office hardware under the desks achieves an uncluttered feel.

15. Home Office by Rudolf Schuba.

Home Office
Rudolf Schuba’s home office design is stylishly dark and employs a large amount of screen space. Once again, an uncluttered desktop provides an accessible and creative environment in which to work.

16. Home Office Chico Caruso 06 by Fernanda Mancini.

Different textures, materials and design elements are brilliantly brought together in Fernanda Mancini’s home office interior. The lighting and seating options are arranged in a way that aims to maximise productivity and inspiration.


17. The Apple Generation II by Johan Larsson.

The Apple Generation II
Johan Larsson graceful office makes use of wireless technology, glass desktop and neutral colour scheme for a classically stylish and uncluttered design.

18. Home Office by Benjamin Thompson.

A Home Office
Benjamin Thompson’s home office has a pleasantly homely and comfortable feel, employing warm tones, inviting armchair and attractive decorations including framed LP album covers.

19. Home Office by Juha Siltala.

Home office built around the Eee PC 701
This uncluttered office design is a good example of how a corner setup can make the best use of limited space. The arrangement, based around a netbook and used mainly for writing and research, has everything the worker needs close at hand, and leaves the rest of the room available for other purposes.

20. Home Office Clean Up by Sean MacEntee.

Home Office Clean Up
Finally, this is Sean MacEntee’s attic-based office space after an extensive clean up. The design is a simple, sleek and orderly, another example of creative and uncluttered home office interior design.

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