How to get the most out of a Podcast Interview

Journalists are striving hard to produce quality and engaging content but still face scornful cuts of crisis. It’s not the reason that they aren’t updating their style, but they have always found a new way to promote their content around the globe. Content has always been the king of the internet, but if there isn’t any audience for that, then there must be a pretty lousy reason behind that.

A podcast interviewer specifically, needs to make the content that follows the quality standards of the internet as well as is engaging for the audience. With engaging, it means podcasts interviews should be available in multiple resource forms. Whether they are audio files, video, or YouTube transcriptions, they are all means of increasing the audience with engaging content.

Identifying the audience and their flexibility to reach your content is the critical factor here. Some people only listen to the audio files, but some try finding videos to prick up their ears. Podcasts always follow a generic and informal interview with the interviewee. Podcasts lead an in-depth way of the conversation without any crowd or music. On the other side, it is also a better way for different artists and content creators to promote their content to the global audience.

But before all that, some things need to pay attention to get most of the podcast interview. Let’s take a look at the six strategies to get the most out of your podcast interview.

podcast interview

  • Crisp Start

We always heard the “First impression is the last impression” quote most of the time in our lives. Meanwhile, if it is about podcast interviews, you will start to feel it’s importance. The audience always demands the first impression of the discussion, and if it’s okay, there are better chances that they might return for more.

Moreover, it is always an excellent approach to start easing the interviewee. Sometimes it is quite evident that you both might not know each other. Although discussing things, off-topic can relax both of you for a head start.

  • Finding Right Tools and Technology

Before recording a podcast, it is essential to test out the audio and video quality. As discussed earlier, the audience always demands quality and engaging content rather than fading sound or music in the background. Finding a quiet place with the right set of tools can not only help in producing quality content but also act as a medium of focus to the interview. Using tools like Audacity always does the job to clear out any noise or lag during the recording session.

Moreover, using intros and outro for each podcast also impacts on the audience base. Choosing the right music for the topic of the podcast interview promotes uniqueness and a fresh start for each discussion. It is essential to understand the technology and to make it use the right way to create content and finally promoting it.

  • Engaging Content

The actionable content is the most reaching and successful than only the single-themed media. The audience demands content that is engaging to the end because it is your content that is most dear to them. If you are conducting motivational podcasts interviews, then you must lay psychological importance to the audience.

Only quality content can produce a feeling of importance among the audience. Research the audience with the help of social media and blogs. It always helps in finding new ideas and discussions for the future.

  • Pay Attention

For an interviewer, it is important to consider paying attention to the interviewee’s answers and lead the discussion. Ignoring the next question in the list and going offroad promotes the realism of the debate and is enjoyable to the audience.

Interviewees can easily get distracted by checking on the clock, phones, or other matters, although listening to their answers, intently can make them comfortable and at ease. It is also a hardcoded rule of journalism to be always jazzy in the inside to make the content enjoyable for the audience.

  • Promotions

Podcasts are mostly audio-centric or videos, but the development of content gathers a lot of audiences around the globe. Making banners and promotional content for social media continuously reminds the audience for the scheduled interview. Additionally, eye-catching covers for the night of podcasts immediately impact on audience behavior to log-in to the podcast.

  • Avoiding Click baits

Finally, podcasts interviewers should always take note of avoiding click baits at all costs. Generating anticipation or suspense can produce a large amount of audience for your podcasts. But in the end, this attention is only time-oriented and lacks the focus of the listeners. The listeners might search for the required portion of the interview and then leave forever.

Professional journalists always promote the content that doesn’t involve click baits. It’s because click baits are still the first cause of losing the audience base. Ensuring value to both, the person being interviewed and the listeners always assist in generating content that is original and unique. However, making clumsy headlines of podcasts never works today.

Final Word

In the end, following these professional practices always assist in generating a returning audience for all genres of podcasts. Following the discussion with jokes and the latest social trend gives importance to both interviewers and listeners.


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