How to Prevent Threats to Your Online Business

Cybersecurity threats aren’t targeting e-commerce sites and online businesses exclusively, but it is difficult to negate the fact that online businesses are the most vulnerable. There is a good reason for this.

Online businesses store more parts of their operations in digital format – and online – than brick and mortar establishments. This means online businesses naturally have bigger attack surfaces than conventional, offline businesses.

If you are running an online business, taking cybersecurity threats seriously is a must. To prevent threats to your online business, here are four key steps you need to take.

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Security Is a Responsibility

First, you want to make sure that every member of your team understands the importance of information security. Security isn’t just the responsibility of the IT team or you as the business owner. It is up to everyone involved in the day-to-day operations of the business to maintain maximum information security.

While you are at it, establish a series of security policies designed to govern how information is handled. You can also take steps to educate team members in order to make sure that security policies are implemented properly. These steps set the foundation for better information security across the organization.

Comprehensive Protection

As an online business, you rely on cloud services, servers, and devices to operate. When approaching information security, it is important that you secure all of these elements together. Gone are the days of seeing each component of the business as a separate entity; information security needs to be a comprehensive and holistic effort.

Aside from adding data encryption, secure data transmissions, and making sure that the services you use are secured properly, it is also necessary to integrate endpoint protection. Endpoint security protects the devices used by team members as well as the network they are connected to. As McAfee explains, endpoint security is critical.

Monitor and Prevent

The next step is establishing comprehensive monitoring. An endpoint security system can help set the foundation for better monitoring. This is because an endpoint security system has the necessary components to do the job, including a firewall and a threat detection system.

The best endpoint security solutions include a detect-and-response solution (EDR) that utilizes machine learning for more accurate detection of threats. They can automatically identify potential threats, even when similar threats don’t exist in their database. They are also capable of delivering zero-hour responses that prevent attacks from harming your systems.

Manage Access

Last but certainly not least, make sure access to business information is managed properly. A strict need-to-know policy and advanced access control are the components you need to make sure that your business information and sensitive data don’t fall into the wrong hands.

With these steps taken and the components implemented, preventing threats from harming your online business is easier. These steps let you cover the basics and establish sufficient information security measures that will safeguard your online business from cyberattacks and online threats.


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