Common Content Writing Mistakes and how to avoid them

Content writing mistakes have been made by even professional content writers because making mistakes is how you learn. As the saying goes, once bitten twice shy. You’ve been taught how to write since school, but still, you find yourself making mistakes when you write. This is because as you advance academically, you meet new challenges. You need to be intentional about unlearning common content writing mistakes.

As a paper writer, you should polish your writing skills because clients expect excellent work. To ensure your writing is worth what clients pay for, ensure you take your time to improve your writing skills. If you’re a freelance writer, understand that this is what you do to earn a living.

Here are common content writing mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

1. Believing in Writer’s Block

Many content writers believe that there is such a thing as writer’s block. That they cannot write anything until this block is broken. Giving an imaginary force such power over your writing is a mistake you should not make as a content writer.

What you refer to as writer’s block is just an unwillingness to get anything accomplished. Everyone goes through phases where they don’t feel like doing anything. To overcome this imaginary block, all you need is to find inspiration.

Avoid using this negative phase and believe you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. Remember that inspiration is everywhere, and something as easy as changing your environment can get your creative juices flowing again.

2. Submitting Unedited Work

As a writer, submitting or publishing unedited work is a huge mistake. There is nothing as frustrating as reading a paper ridden with grammatical errors. Take your time to go through your work and rectify all mistakes. Readout loud to ensure that each sentence is complete and meaningful.

3. Writing from the Top of Your Head

Even if you’re familiar with the topic your handling, you need to research. Even the world’s most brilliant writers conduct in-depth research to ensure they only write facts. Always corroborate your opinion with evidence.

4. Not Targeting your Reading Audience

As a writer, you need to understand who your readers are. After all, you’re writing for people to read your articles. Failure to understand your audience results in you writing articles that people won’t bother to read.

5. Writing without an Outline

Before you set out to write an article, ensure you have an outline. This acts as a guide for your content. When you follow an outline, you give your article structure. People want to read articles that flow seamlessly from one section to the next.

6. Stuffing Keywords

Even though you need keywords in your articles, stuffing too many in one article is a mistake. Ensure you include enough keywords and that they appear naturally within the text. Conspicuous keywords make your article look like a poorly written advertising copy.

7. Forgetting Subtitles

Every article, no matter how short it is requires subtitles. Writing your article as one block of text makes reading it intimidating. Besides, with subheadings, readers can easily scan through the article to see what it’s all about.

8. Focusing on Quantity and forgetting Quality

When you’re more focused on the word count than on the value, your article offers your reading audience; you’re doing it wrong. Even though long articles are good, ensure you’re not just circling around points without saying anything useful.


Content writing requires practice, which allows you to polish your skills. As a writer, ensure you understand your audience so that you target them with the right content. Remember, writer’s block is just a lie you tell yourself when you don’t feel as motivated as usual.


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