How to produce traffic attracting content

The existence and the progress of a blog depends in a great proportion on the traffic received; few visitors mean poor quality posts, a good amount of readers is equivalent with higher standards. A lot of blogs and bloggers state that the quality of the posts is decisive – true affirmation, but it isn’t the only factor. Definitely, there is no online presence to have a good traffic unless a SEO campaign is launched while getting to the final point with positive results. Other important players in the success of a blog are the spreading through social networks, the age of the respective blog, the topics presented, and the expertise of the authors and so on.

Writing quality posts is pretty easy matter to say, the difficulties come when it is to put in practice. Each blogger has his own little secrets to write valuable posts but these don’t work always and aren’t a 100% sure, the magic recipe of writing only the best articles wasn’t discovered yet. Here is only a list of tips, inspired from my experience and from other bloggers-it could or not work for you but anyway, it is good to read it carefully to see if these could be used by you. I am very happy if someone believes another tip should be added here or, generally, every opinion is welcomed.

1. The process of becoming an elitist blogger is enduring

An author who writes valued articles is an elitist blogger, the entire community shows him respect and usually his opinions are the fundaments of future trends. This image is the ultimate purpose of any blogger but all who share this wish must be aware that it is a long lasting and time consuming process and it supposes a huge number of hard hours of work per day. Providing only impressive posts can’t be possible, each blogger has some works which aren’t liked or considered worthy by the readers. I put this statement in the beginning to make any amateur understand that the entire career should be done carefully, with small but sure steps and nobody should expect to be the best from the first day of embracing the job of the blogger.

2. The research-the decisive phase

Faith is sometimes ironic and, personally, I believe that here it really is. The value of a potential article is in direct relationship and depends more than any amateur thought on the “off-writing” part than the effective work of writing. An article which is proper segmented, with amazing images inserted, posted on a heavy traffic blog which has nothing to say is a nice work done in vain. A wrong start could mean a wrong direction, isn’t it?
Before creating a good post, a strong documentation is required and a good selection of the sources. I consider the first step in creating an attractive post the search on Google for similar posts; depending on the quantity and the quality of these it’s good to take a wise decision. On the occasion of finding multiple good posts, the best option to consider, might be one choosing another topic. I am emphasizing the research section because here the message transmitted to the readers is crafted – it is the essence and it really matters. An uninspired image, a bad selection of paragraphs may be ignored if the inner essence is delightful and the information is valuable.

3. Read, understand, and learn

But what supposes a good research? A too in depth research isn’t the premise of plagiarism? Are similar posts enough to shape an opinion? All these question marks are the proof that this phase isn’t only important, but also difficult and time consuming. A complete research starts with reading similar posts, noticing the weak points in order to produce a more complete post. This kind of activity is interconnected with the accumulated experience; an experienced blogger doesn’t need a detailed research while a beginner needs a lot of time in order to obtain desired qualitative results.
The literature can be drawn up based only on similar articles but it doesn’t mean that a vaster source of research is a wrong move. A blogger can find a blog which treats his problem more seriously and reading it brings more good pieces of information together; the Internet is full of precious e-books and searching more deeply surely the name of one sounds appealing to you. Reading tons of posts and Holly Script size’s books but without effective understanding and learning is mostly a loss of time. To write something qualitative consists in mixing the most important and interesting news, adding up with an original idea and some personal thoughts, all these melted in a nice and fluent shape. The primordial idea is to understand the obtained literature and learn it in order to shorten the time of the future researches and finally to became more experienced.

4. The effective process of writing

There isn’t much to say because it depends a lot on the psychic and the mentality of the writer. I am inspired by music and every time when I am working on the PC the Winamp is launched and it is full of my favorite online radios and songs, yet other people are feeling distracted by them and enjoy the silence. Unfortunately, there aren’t two men identical in the world so due to this fact there isn’t a single solution for two people; each and one of them needs a special treatment so even if I am feeling ashamed that I can’t give you a single good tip I am sure that nobody could write a universal recipe.

5. The feedback and post publishing actions

The job of a blogger didn’t finish after publishing a post and many bloggers really neglect or worst, ignore it. The feedback and post publishing actions are important in the process of “branding” (in fact, after many years and good posts we can speak about a brand). The readers will feel that they are truly important if they receive a strong and prompt reply at their comments and observations; here the idea of community is born and a blogger should be the leader of it. Don’t forget, a community is the perfect source of traffic!
In a nutshell, to attract people to your website is a difficult and enduring process but with patience and quality everything is possible.


Daniel Pintilie is a talented designer from Romania, available for hire, who really loves to create interesting projects. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter to get in touch and share your opinions about his articles!

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  1. Bailey says:

    Rule number two is especially helpful to me- I hadn’t thought of that! (Googling and possibly reconsidering before you write.)

    Good stuff. Thanks for the post!

  2. These rules are very helpful. I have taken then all in a mental note and also in a notepad so i will not forget them.

  3. Really great article! I have recently applied these tips, with my successful article.

  4. Some potentially good points here but you seem to have forgotten that probably the most important part of becoming a good blogger, is writing about things you are passionate about and projecting that into your articles.

  5. Your tutorial is excellent and quite in derived oriented for everybody who are looking for traffic. It will really helpful.

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