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If you recently acquired or created a new online business, you may need some ideas on how to promote your new web site. There are dozens of ways to do it, but it can get costly. Start with a few free options.
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Try at least one of these suggestions each day, which will in turn lead you to more ideas and help you get the word out:

Check Your Keywords

Whether you set up your web site with a professional designer, created your own, or used a design template offered by your web host, you need to include specific keywords to your code for use in user searches. Begin with keywords that specifically describe your business followed by less common words and then your business name. Search the internet for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Get Social

Join social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Perhaps you have been avoiding these sites, but joining them and creating a business profile can push your business into new heights. Both LinkedIn and Facebook give you the opportunity to create a business page and promote it through those channels. You can set security privileges for the level of viewership you desire. You can use your business name for optimum visibility.

Blahg Blahg Blahg

Create a blog on your website for posting articles and soliciting feedback essential to your business. Use WordPress, Google Blogger, or another free site for blogging. Create additional guest blogs that can be posted on other blog sites that allow you to share your business link. Most blog sites offer guidelines for guest blogging. Blogging has good exposure and can be associated with the social media sites and RSS feeds as well.


Numerous online companies offer public relations—some for free, some for pay. Search for free services, or plan to pay a small fee to publish your press release.  There is also a multitude offree online directories that provide company profiles and information, market research reports, business news, and other promotional material. You will have to sign up with them and provide your business information, but the visibility is good.  Some names you may have seen when searching companies include Manta,, Hoovers, and Jigsaw.

Publish It

Search the internet for online magazines, news sites, and classified advertising where you can submit your own articles. Look for the sites that accept promotional writing, as some of them do not.  Search the internet for Free Online Advertising.

Leave a Message

Sign up for message boards and forums where you can begin a discussion about your new business and receive replies from others. You can create this discussion under a pre-designated topic that fits with your business. For example, at Yahoo! Message Boards, you might begin a discussion under Computers & Internet.

Pound the Pavement

Even in this high-tech, virtual environment, you need business cards! Order your professional business cards from an online commercial printer using one of thousands of design templates. Just select a design and fill in the blanks! Make sure you find a printer that offers 12pt+ quality card stock and a short turnaround time for an optimum price. Use your business cards and promotional materials for successful, high-end face-to-face networking.

Coupon Poupon

If you have been part of the new buzz on the daily coupon mania, this is an amazing way to draw new customers. Customers sign up at coupon web sites and receive a daily e-mail offering greatly discounted services. There is often a time limit in which the customer must respond in order to get the deal. Establish a discount for your business services, place a cap on the number of coupons you wish to offer, and start managing sales! Groupon and Living Social are two well-known sites, but there are many others. Search for one, and view the Pages similar sites at the bottom of the search window.

Search the Internet

There are amazing links and detailed information about all of the topics above along with other cost bearing promotional ideas for promoting your online business.  These tips should get you started and give you some ideas of what to explore further.

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  1. Brian says:

    All wonderful ideas! You could also suggest to start a contest to try to gain some free viral PR. Thats What I recently started for my blogs

  2. Twitter is a great social network to get free traffic. But only if you follow the right strategy. Please, look for a good mentor to get the know-how about traffic generation with social media

  3. Ole says:

    Good tips. E-mail marketing is also a marketing activity to look into as well as ads on classified sites such as Craigslist, and many others.

  4. Puroney says:

    very good advice, sort of new to this could use all the help I can get

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