How to Write a Successful Social Media Marketing Proposal in 8 Steps

Social media is certainly a significant platform for lead generation. And if you’re into the business of offering social media services you’re probably aware of the boundless opportunities available on this platform but most of your potential clients don’t.

Fortunately, you are here to help them make maximum use of all those social media channels in their marketing campaign. But, it’s easier said than done to encourage your prospects to take appropriate action.

In order to get potential clients on board with your social media marketing services, you’ll need to assemble an epic social media marketing proposal that explains the value you can offer with your services and makes them believe that collaborating with you would be the best decision for their organization.

Here are 8 steps for creating a winning social media marketing proposal.

Step 1: Get All the Details You Need

You’ve just found your prospective clients and you’re ready to craft a proposal for them that proves your worth. But before that, you need to make sure you’ve got all the details you need for creating a successful social media marketing proposal.

Here’s a list of key questions you should ask your prospective clients before you decide to write a proposal.

Question 1: What do you hope to achieve with this social media marketing campaign?

This will let you know how much they value social media platforms in their marketing efforts and it will also help you get some idea about the results they are expecting.

Question 2: Who is your targetted audience?

This will help you understand their audience so that you can build the content for them

Question 3: What type of content you wish to create for your audience (videos, images, infographics, blogs, etc)?

This will help you create the right kind of content to reach your client’s audience.

Question 4: Which social media channels are you maintaining?

This will give you an idea about their existing social media channels.

  1. Have you ever had any social media marketing done for your business, or is this your first time?

If you get the response as “yes”, you can use their previous campaigns as a guide to form ideas and improve their exiting results.

The best way to create a successful social media marketing proposal for your prospect is by getting as much detailed information as you can.

Step 2: Write a Compelling Cover Letter

You need to set the expectations right from the start and the cover letter of your proposal is something that gives the teaser of your social media services and encourages them to read the rest of the proposal.

Take a look at the following structure for writing a compelling cover letter for your social media marketing proposal,

The Problem/Goal

Begin your cover letter by highlighting the pain points of your prospect and also don’t forget to covey that you understand their business and you’re here to help them grow by helping in achieving their business goal. For example, you can start with a strong headline like “You deserve better followers on your social media channels.”

The Expected Result

Next, you’ll talk about what you’ll do to help overcome the challenges your prospect is facing. Give them an in-depth overview of what they might possibly gain from your social media services. For example, “Once you start managing your social media presence, you’ll be able to see 60% increase in your social media followers.”

Address the Competition

After giving an overview of your social media marketing strategy, address the competition in their market and what you can help them outrank those competitors. Give the prospect a rough sketch about different ways you’ll use for beating the competitors such as,

  • Sharing the content, offers, features of your prospect’s services or product multiple times to increase the engagement.
  • Implementing a micro-segmentation strategy to create highly customizable content for specific targets.
  • Optimizing posts for each social media network.

Clear Call To Action

Recommend which sections that your prospect should read from the proposal.

Step 3: Talk About the Deliverables (Scope of Services)

After providing an overview and an introduction to your social media services, the next portion of your social media marketing proposal should give specific details about the work you’ll be doing.

Here are some examples of the social media services you can outline in this section,

  • Social Media Profile Management: Include how you will handle many of their social media profiles and communicate with millions of people through different platforms at the same time.
  • Content Creation and Posting: Explain the type of content you’ll create and post on their social media platforms that would engage their audience.
  • Analytics and Data Reporting: Explain your process of analyzing the result and also your reporting format.
  • Social Media Advertising: Explain how you’ll ensure to capture their target audience’s attention with attractive social media advertising.
  • Reputation Management: Explain how you’ll ensure to maintain your client company’s reputation on priority before actually starting to post and create brand awareness.

By outlining the scope of services in your proposal you’ll be able to convince the prospect to take the necessary action.

Step 4: Timescales

After outlining the list specific services you’ll be providing to the prospect, you should include a realistic timeline to let them know when they can expect to see the results from your services.

Split your timeline between

  • Daily responsibilities such as sharing one relevant LinkedIn article or responding to calls/messages on different social media platforms.
  • Weekly responsibilities such as Twitter posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, etc.
  • Monthly responsibilities such as analytics and data reporting.

Step 5: Ask for the Money

Refer to this section as an “investment”  with your social media services your prospects are going to generate revenue and grow their business. And it’s important to remind them about that. The fees you charge should be considered as an investment in their business.

The investment section has a huge impact on a prospect’s decision to make a purchase. That is why it is important VERY IMPORTANT to provide an interactive pricing table to your prospects.

Such interactive price tables offer a variety of pricing options where your prospects can change the quantity, choose services that best fit their needs. In short, they can create a customized version of your social media marketing services for them.

Step 6: Add a Convincing Case Study / Customer Testimonial

What is the best way to encourage a prospect that you can develop a kickass social media marketing strategy to achieve their business goal?

Simply by showing them the examples of work you’ve done before and how you’ve guided clients to improve their followers and social media engagements by 30%  in the past with your SEO services.

Here’s a simple structure you should follow to demonstrate your previous work,

  • Give a little background of the previous client.
  • A brief description of the problem they were facing (such as they were not able to reach new visitors from the new countries, drive traffic to the website via social media, improve the engagement with people online).
  • A rundown about the social media marketing strategy you developed and offered to solve their problem.
  • A description of the end result- before and after.

Step 7: Your Service Terms

As you come to the end of your social media marketing proposal, you should clearly specify your teams of services and avoid any potential problems in the future. Outline the payment procedures, your specific terms related to your work, the rules of termination if the prospect or you decides to terminate the project.

Step 8: Move them to Actions

Obviously, you can’t expect the prospects to move forward on their own. Tell them exactly what to do next if they decide to invest in your social media services.

And that’s it, your proposal is now ready to use. Now that you know what really goes into a successful social media marketing proposal you can create yours in a matter of minutes by using any customizable Social Media Marketing Proposal Template.

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