How White-Label Software Changes Website Development

How many gadgets and devices do you have? How many of those are used in your family? And how much time you spend with a laptop or a smartphone? This is not another attempt to start lecturing the society about truly important values. It just seems that everything screams “Go digital!”, and businesses can’t help but follow this idea. No wonder that global digitalization changes the face of every niche, and the tech industry is influenced the most.

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Say “Hello” To Innovative Website Development Tools

Only a few years ago professional website development sounded almost as complicated as constructing spaceships. Nowadays, it takes a user-friendly site builder and a few hours of your free time to create a website.

There is no need to hire a team of developers and designers to launch a business or personal site. Open a website builder, like Weblium, Wix, or Squarespace. Choose a category of a future website (Tourism, Consulting, Writer, Blogger, CV, etc.) and a template you like. Replace the sample texts and images with yours. Set up the hosting and analytics. Voilà – you’ve got a website!

Do We Still Need Developers and Designers?

That’s a logical question to ask, taking into account the level of independence modern online tools provide to an average user. Besides, many of those tools offer decent free functionality and aren’t difficult to use even for a complete beginner. So where does it put web developers and designers?

Don’t be quick to dismiss them, neither give up on your idea to become a designer, a software development or a QA engineer. Firstly, someone still needs to create new templates for website builders and support those platforms. Secondly, using templates (despite all their advantages) is not suitable for everyone.

As a rule, every big corporation has an in-house IT team that works on the development of the company’s software and supports internal systems. Otherwise, a company prefers to find partners that specialize exclusively in software development to fulfill all those tasks.

White-Label Software Takes Your Opportunities Further

Innovative digital tools don’t make IT professions useless. On the contrary, they provide room for new ideas and opportunities for those, who are ready to challenge their skills and create something extraordinary.

Meanwhile, white-label software helps to kickstart your business by missing some of the traditional initial stages. For those who haven’t heard about it before, white-label software is an IT product or solution created by one company and sold to other companies unbranded. A buyer can use this software under their name and logo to provide services to clients while a developer fully supports the platform. In other words, you purchase a ready online platform and pay for a membership instead of developing everything from scratch. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Let’s take, for example, a white-label website builder by Weblium. With its help, you can start a digital agency in a couple of hours. Click on “Get started now” and follow further directions – that’s all that it takes.

Weblium’s white-label website builder fits for freelancers, web studios, and big agencies. A user package includes:

  • the intuitive platform that is easy to use (confirmed by 98% of clients);
  • an AI-powered website builder with 227+ pre-designed blocks and 150+ templates;
  • Google Cloud hosting, domain name, SSL, and SEO tools for quick launching;
  • custom pricing – up to 50% discount and individual pricing policy for your clients;
  • full control over your clients’ websites;
  • 24/7 support, access to all Weblium Studio features and community.

How Is It All Useful For Me?

Many people dream about leaving an office and run their own business. For the majority, however, it remains just a dream simply because they don’t know where to start. But does it have to be this way? There are so many people committed to creating new digital tools that ignoring an opportunity to use one of those tools is just rude. This is not another attempt to start lecturing the society about truly important values. It just seems that you might have found an idea of your business and a way to realize it.


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