Truck Driver’s Job: Benefits, inconvenience, professionalization, and others

In recent years demand for employment in the transportation sector has doubled. Partly because, many people from other professions have tried to find a way out of their work situation (consider construction for example), partly because many professionals have been laid off or suffered losses or hardships which encourage them to find work elsewhere. Logistics software company CartonCloud, believes taking up a truck driving position is great, especially if you have access to key transport management software to help you manage risks. In this article we will explore the benefits and difficulties posed by gaining employment as a truck driver. So let’s get to the heart of the matter and start with the dangers and inconveniences that a truck job might have to face, as well as the benefits, which certainly outweigh the inconveniences.


Many professions or occupations require a true tendency and dedication that directs those who carry them out to overcome a series of difficulties, risks or obstacles that are typical of the activity being carried out. The work of a driver, especially the so-called “truck driver”, must face every day certain risks that make their job one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Some of these risks are:

Road hazard: driving even in urban areas, involves the consideration of a number of environmental elements that can sometimes cause terrible accidents. In addition, for trailer drivers or very heavy vehicles, this risk increases due to the fact that they have to travel great distances, sometimes on a route that is rarely known where road conditions are a potential hazard that can be cause an accident. Therefore, it is important for serious drivers, who assume this profession, are specially trained to drive even in conditions such as bad weather, rain, landslides, obstacles, and other events that might represent risk.

Additionally, drivers must fully realize the importance of respecting traffic laws in terms of speed limits, load capacity, resting needs and temporary stops, vehicle maintenance, among other variables. This is an aspect that does not completely eliminate the risk of accidents occurring at any given time, but greatly reduces their chances, and gives drivers the opportunity to deal with hazards that may be encountered on the road.

Furthermore, another subject of concern in the trucking industry is criminality. In recent years there has been a significant increase in cases of assault or attacks on the driver’s work. Many organized criminals are dedicated to planning, organizing and carrying out actions for driver theft, which is a major risk to the driver’s life.

Possible accidents and road damage, even if action is need to be taken regarding the maintenance, checking and control of truck operations and their parts, there is always the possibility of having to face mechanical failure during the trip. These cases are important and require the driver to have access to the necessary equipment to allow them to overcome, at  very least, the basic aspects of any damage, such as: fire extinguishers, safety cones, notifications, among others.

Finally, health problems, having to drive long distances even at night, means changes in sleep habits that cause physical and mental fatigue of the driver, sometimes this is related to poor eating habits, poorly nutritious food and heartburn, which contribute to decreased health and increased risk cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension and others. This requires greater care from this work.


As we said, all jobs have positive and negative aspects that must be dealt with, but some professions or occupations require special tendencies from those who decide to turn them into their livelihoods and hence their way of life. Working as a driver, the figure of a “truck driver”, is something that many children dream about in adulthood, but in many cases they are motivated by their own parents or relatives, which encourages them to make university careers and dedicate themselves to the “profession” that give them prestige and recognition. Only those who truly feel the true passion for driving trucks and traveling long distances, or who have been placed in busy situations as road drivers, are those who dare to undertake adventures that involve responding to “the job offered to search”, and eventually become a driver professional.

Until recently, being a “hauler” was a job that was considered less social, generally associated with abusive people, with little study and very simple. However, this perspective has changed in recent years thanks to the undeniable benefits this task can bring to those who decide to dedicate themselves to it. Among the benefits are:

Payments are higher than average salaries: because of the same working conditions involved in working as a driver, the risk and effort required to fulfill this task, has made the stipulated payment much higher than that received by someone in conventional work. In some cases, before the crisis, salaries could reach $ 6000 or $ 8,000 per month, including costs for travel and other expenses, which could represent several countries up to double or triple the normal salary.

Passion and adventure: this is a work that implies a certain level of emotion and adventure where some people can feel true passion, a feeling of power and control that shows responsibility for such a great means of transportation, coupled with the fact of doing long-distance routes in which various landscapes and culture can develop great attachment to this activity.

Cultural and human growth: Knowing the place and people wherever you go, with different habits, environments, and behaviors allows you to develop special abilities to treat others, be empathetic, and learn to accept diversity of thought.

Growing prestige: becoming a “truck driver” job that is increasingly respected, where technology has provided a variety of modern transportation that has innovative devices to improve the safety and control of both the people and the existing burden. For this purpose, drivers must be trained, trained to operate modern trucks accurately, which increases the respect and admiration given to these professionals.

Mechanical knowledge: even when there is constant control, inspection and support for truck drivers traveling on the road, it cannot be avoided having to face mechanical failure or damage at a time, this experience is usually an accumulation of certain mechanical knowledge that leads to widespread knowledge about this subject .

Available vacancies: these are usually jobs where until now there are a number of jobs available, especially when you have experience and you have successfully formed an important curriculum with the skills, abilities, and documentation needed for this job, where there are many options realized from autonomous operator.

In short, being a transportation professional, calling yourself a truck driver, driver or whatever you call a chauffeur job, it is an activity that more and more people consider as their profession and that implies better preparation, handling various fields, and experience which is gained in stages with the effort and dedication that is put into daily work.


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