Importance of keywords for SEO in 2014

Many years ago, SEO experts, content writers and website owners focused on keyword phrases that can bring traffic to websites. They were not wrong in doing this as during that time the search algorithms of Google used keyword phrases to know the nature of the content and direct search queries. So, what has changed? Really very little but yet quite a lot.


What has altered or modified?

  1. Google now does not provide an external keyword tool to the website owners for identifying keyword phrases and search volumes. Besides this, the information in Google Analytics that was used by searchers to identify the phrases to reach your website is not available now. But some keyword research is still possible through other tools.
  1. The way the search engine matches queries to websites has been changed in an attempt to better identify the intent of the searchers. For example, if somebody searches for – How to enter a bad debt in MYOB” then the user will most probably be presented with pages that tell how to do that. Earlier, that search query may show the variety websites that are related to MYOB and those talking about bad debt.
  1. Tactics like publishing many articles so as to get back the links for specific keyword phrases once worked but not now. If you continue to employ these tactics, then this might do you more harm than good.
  1. Social media platforms are now more important as compared to the previous time. This is because; this provides a signal to Google that people are finding your website beneficial

Keywords are not dead…You just have to guess what they are?

Well that is not true but instead of trying to identify the exact keyword people use in their search, you should focus on ensuring that the written content on your page is relevant to their search query. Algorithms are such that they are capable of assessing full range of terms on a page to decide what that page is about. If your content is on topic and is relevant, then some of the important keyword terms are probably to be present in your content.

There are benefits for the site owner who is particular or diligent. For instance, if your website consists of number of  “how to” pages or the pages that go into the detail about various aspects of products or services offered by you, then you may find that the traffic on your website increases as you pick up or attract the visitors who are asking questions about your products or services.

In this regard, you have to expand your content and potentially it will increase the volume of traffic. Consider adding such content to your site that includes detailed information about your products or services, discuss the issues and answer the potential questions.

What has not changed?

As far as the quality of content is concerned, nothing has changed. Google always wanted high quality and useful content that is relevant or suitable for website visitors. But now Google can determine content quality in a much better way.

Content in 2014

The focus on content in 2014 should be developing and sharing high quality content that will attract relevant website users. One of the best ways to achieve the visitors is to develop a strategy and a written plan for writing the content.

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