How to Increase Website Traffic Today

Your company’s online presence can either help or hurt your business. An effective website, paired with vibrant social media campaigns and inventive ad placement, can boost the number of people who hear about your business, and therefore the number of people who decide to become customers. But, a sloppy website or out-of-touch social media account can undermine an otherwise solid business plan.

Many potential customers will make first contact with your business in the internet world. With so many businesses out there, accessible online, first impressions are crucial. But, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your company’s online presence is drawing customers in — not driving them away.

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Easy-to-Navigate and Aesthetically Pleasing Website

The first thing you should focus on when upgrading your online presence is your website. If your website is old or poorly constructed, it’ll show. Luckily, even if you aren’t a technological whiz yourself, you can hire someone to build or rebuild your website for relatively cheap.

Your website should have calm colors that aren’t overly harsh on the eyes, as well as clearly defined pages. At the very least, your website should have an About Us page, a Contact page (complete with an email address, phone number, and your business’ regular hours), and a Feedback page. Ideally, your website should have several additional pages, which may vary depending on the type of business. Ask yourself what you would want to know about the business if you weren’t familiar with it; if you’re still not sure, try asking the same question to friends and family members who aren’t entirely familiar with your business.

Make sure that each page on your website has the same color scheme and font style, and that none of the pages have dead links or outdated information. A pleasant website will give a strong first impression to potential customers.

Well-Placed Ad Campaigns

Even the most beautiful website is useless if no one ever sees it. To increase traffic to your website, consider running ad campaigns on similar or related sites. Ad campaigns do cost money, but they don’t have to break the bank. And, if your ads are tasteful and well-placed, then they’ll be playing to your target audience each and every time. Consider looking into the ad campaigns of your competitors, or seeing what it would take to become one of the lead buyers in your industry. Buying leads increases your chances of turning casual browsers into regular customers.

Diverse and Official Facebook Account

Most likely, your business has a Facebook page, even if you haven’t claimed it. Past and potential customers will upload reviews and photos under your company’s name even if you haven’t created a Facebook page — so it’s best to take control of the page and provide as much information as possible. Regularly upload and update photos on the page to stay engaged with your audience, and be sure to fill out the relevant information such as hours and location. Try promoting other local businesses and sharing newspaper articles to further engage with your audience. Make sure you have a link to your website on the Facebook page!

Vibrant Instagram and Twitter Pages

Once you’re comfortable with running your company’s Facebook page, consider expanding to Instagram and Twitter to reach an even wider audience. Instagram is an especially effective way for small and local businesses to interact with the community — although it’s key to keep the photos and captions vibrant and upbeat. If you’re looking to connect with a younger target audience, then Instagram may be the way!

With some careful attention to detail, you can upgrade your company’s online presence quickly, and boost traffic to your website.


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