How to Integrate RumbleTalk Chatroom on Websites

A stylish HTML5 chatroom is an application that can be integrated on your website, your page in any social media platform, blog or on any site that can run Flash or Java Script. You can use widgets to make your site interactive by engaging with visitors. Having a HTML5 chatroom on your site will increase your visitor traffic which in turn will create more brand awareness for your products and services.

RumbleTalk HTML5 chatroom when integrated on any of your site can benefit you business in a lot of ways. The widget can provide a venue for you to chat with your site visitors in real time. You will thus be able to get real time feedback from prospective or existing customers. Real time feedbacks provided by an HTML5 chatroom is one thing you will never be able to accomplish in an email message or a customer feedback form in your site.

RumbleTalk html5 CHATROOM

Integrating an HTML5 chatroom in your site involves simple steps.

  1. Try RumbleTalk for free and choose this for your live HTML5 chatroom in your website. There are actually a lot of features you can enjoy from. It offers customizable themes which you can integrate either in your blog or website. Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  2. Register an account using your email and password. Follow the instructions presented on how to create your chatroom code. You too can customize your chatroom when you are directed to the Embed Chat Page.
  3. Copy the chatroom code.
  4. Depending on the platform you are using, you can now embed the code.
  5. Embed your code inside a web page or as a floating toolbar.
  6. Look for instruction on how to integrate on any third-party application such as WordPress, Joomla or even on Facebook Page to name a few.
  7. Save the HTML file and upload it along with your integrated chat box.
  8. Test your newly installed HTML5 chatroom.
  9. Make sure the chatroom looks exactly how you want it look. Should there be any errors on the code, re-design the installation until everything looks what you like.

RumbleTalk embed

Facebook, Blogger, your blog site, Tumblr and other websites each have own specific instructions on how to embed the HTML5 chatroom into your site. The most basic step though is to create an account with the widget of your choice. It is a live HTML5 chatroom you can choose to integrate on your site. You can install widgets almost anywhere you wish on the website page. As long as the site allows a widget to be installed, you can very well go on and install one. Most

Benefits of Using RumbleTalk

One recommendation for customizing group chatroom platform is by using RumbleTalk. This will give your HTML5 group chat room a stylish look in no time to your website.

  • For some who are new to chatroom integration, you may find it complicated in customizing. However, RumbleTalk chatroom is the great way to start because it’s easy to integrate.
  • This HTML5 chatroom offers customized chatroom themes and also, it customizes how you want your group chat to be embedded. This really attracts viewers and readers.
  • RumbleTalk chatroom assures you of your photos and videos posted to reach your viewers and readers instantly. This will be the reason also for your visitors to let them stay on your site.
  • The social group chat sizes can be customized on a single page. The widget maybe in the form of a pop-up or can be on a customized chatroom themes.  The themes and sizes vary in accordance to the likes of the user, and this is because of the flexibility of the widget.
  • Setting your blog on a theme with a minimum space, then RumbleTalk social group chat can be a refreshing one to be embedded.  If you want to save a lot of space for your other posts, only choose the button pop-up on your blog.
  • Through RumbleTalk social group chat, connecting your online visitors is very easy and at the same time building an active community around your website.

If you’re a kind of website owner who loves customizing or personalizing your gadgets and apps, then integrate RumbleTalk HTML5 chatroom because it is the right one for you. You can show your creativity by integrating this chatroom and embed in your websites, blog, games or Facebook fan page. Since RumbleTalk offers a number of ready-made skins, modifying to match a website template in your website or blog is very easy and convenient.

Watch and learn about RumbleTalk in YouTube below:


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