Empower your Internet Marketing Efforts with Facebook

Facebook has changed the way how we look at keeping in touch with friends and building relationships. It’s been a key driving force for a new-age social revolution, where paucity of time is not a hindrance for having satisfying social interactions, albeit, conducted online.But to think of this social platform purely in terms of developing a personal network is doing a tremendous disservice to Facebook.

Today, there are plenty of businesses that are making good use of this online platform to power their online marketing efforts. It’s called social media marketing and it is emerging as the key tool for promoting a business and its products and services. Let’s take a look at how your internet marketing will be given a fillip through Facebook.


More than anything else the use of Facebook, is a tremendous relationship building exercise. Where other online marketing efforts can be quite impersonal, using Facebook, gives your overall marketing efforts the personal touch.

Facebook Business Page

Say you sell hand-crafted candles. You service a niche clientele who buy your candles, every holiday season. But, you now want to reach out to newer customers. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by creating a business page on Facebook. It helps you connect with potential customers at a personal level. But, building your page is just one part of a process that also helps you identify your customers based on their interests and preferences, enables you to develop a deeper relationship with these customers and keeps expanding your customer base.

The fact that you can connect with only those customers who want to buy your candles helps streamline your online marketing efforts and make them more incisive. This helps you save valuable time that otherwise would have been spentshort listing potential customers from the numerous leads that you get. Here, you will only develop the kind of leads that you want. This in turn, also makes a case for investing a sufficient amount of time and effort in your marketing efforts on Facebook. The results will be worth all the effort.

Facebook Ads

As a candle maker, you have a certain target customer base in mind. With Facebook Advertising you can reach only those people, who you think will be interested in buying your candles. For this, you need to make a list of criteria that define your ideal customers. This includes criterion such as age, gender, interests, likes, profession, etc. The key here is in identifying a target customer based on what he/she is interested in. This essentially helps you fine tune your advertising strategy. For e.g., if your target customer base comprises of organizations who make it a point to gift their employees niche and aesthetically pleasing products; you will need to configure your ads accordingly.

By using Facebook, you can add an element of clarity to your online marketing efforts. With this social platform, you know where your marketing efforts are heading and whether they have hit their mark or not. Your efforts have clear direction and a better chance of fructifying into alucrative and ever growing customer base.

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