Key Signs that Indicate an Office Refurbishment should be on the Agenda

Research shows that on average, an employee spends 43 hours of their time at work each week. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the majority of workers get complacent in the working environment without realising the need for an office refurbishment. As a business owner, you are bound to perceive your office as just a place for business activity. What you may not know is the fact that your office can have a huge impact on your business growth and success. In simple terms, a refurbished workplace attracts investors and opportunities. Here are the various signs that indicate a complete office refurbishment should be on the agenda.


  1. Emergence of New Competition

When a new competitor comes into the picture, it’s important to know why. In certain instances, their emergence could be an indication that your office practice is looking dated. They will come with something fresher and more modern to attract the market. If what they have is better than yours, you need to refurbish your office to keep up with the competition. Newer and modern office furnishings attract customers’ attention. Customers can be very superficial, and be easily stirred and swayed by things that appear newer and up to date. You should make it a priority to outsmart your new competitors by refurbishing your firm each time a new competitor emerges with new ideas and office renovations.

  1. Miserable Staff

At times, you might tell yourself that the reason why your workforce is not performing is because you hired the wrong staff. Have you ever taken time to consider that the work environment might be the reason behind their demoralisation? The work setting can motivate or kill the morale of your workers. Research shows that work productivity is dependent on the work environment. If your working staff is consistently complaining, you need to do something about the work environment. This is a serious sign that indicates your office needs refurbishing.

  1. A ‘Grubby’ Office Appearance

A ‘grubby’ look defines a neglected office situation, and the signs include:

  • Discoloured paintwork
  • Cracked walls
  • Broken Tiles
  • Dirty fingerprints on major surfaces

These kinds of details are easily noticed by customers, especially if they have to sit in the waiting area for long periods. These signs are an indication of neglect and can plant seeds of disinterest in your customers’ mind. Once you notice the ‘grubby’ signs, you should consider renovating your office.

  1. Still Using Electric/Gaffer Tapes

You should save the gaffer tapes for DIY projects. If you are still using the tapes in your office interior, there is a reason for concern. The most common uses of gaffer tape are for covering trailing cables on the floor and for patching up plastic seats. Tapes are not the contemporary solution to covering these splits and cracks. Modern interior companies provide safe tape solutions that don’t look so obvious. If you tape up a cracked seat, your customers and clients will just assume your company is cheap and unprofessional.

  1. Need for Expansion

If your business has made acquisitions and is expanding in terms of staff members or clients, then there is certainly a need for refurbishment. New acquisitions mean that your business is clearly an attractive proposition so all the more reason to play up to that image. Therefore, reorganise and renovate the entire office setting to accommodate the new inclusions. With time, you will understand that refurbishing was a wise choice.

  1. Government Regulations

The government is constantly introducing new laws that affect the way businesses work. For example, the enactment of the Energy Performance legislation for commercial enterprises means that your business needs to comply with the changing energy laws. This may mean that the reorganisation of your office layout is done often in respect to the changing regulations.


It’s important to take note of any minor office details that may suggest you need an office refurbishment. When your business is not performing as it should, then you need to find the cause of the problem. Mostly, the solution lies in the renovation of the work setup. You have to keep up with the modern office standards, and this means having an office renovation idea on your agenda.


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