What is Fiverr.com?

Fiverr.com is an online freelancing website which describes itself as a ‘global online marketplace’ which allows for tasks and jobs to be advertised on either side of the equation. The minimum price which can be advertised for a job is five dollars, where the name of the site is derived from, but recent research on the site has shown that jobs can range anywhere from the minimum five dollars to a maximum of five hundred dollars. The site itself is used by freelancer who cover a huge variety of different skills and abilities, as the site structure lends itself to more wide-ranging talents.

Fiverr.com is a site which is primarily used by freelancers to advertise themselves and their services to anyone who might need to hire someone for either a one-time job or for some ongoing work which is, however, not sufficient enough for someone to justify a full-time employee. Because of this, the potential employers which are on Fiverr.com are more likely to be either private individuals or companies which are looking for a freelancer to avoid the necessity of bringing on an employee (even if only temporary) because of the additional hassle that would cause. Fiverrr.com is a good place for smaller jobs to be handled, as it allows for a greater degree of comparison between potential workers.

What Kind of Experts will you Find on Fiverr.com?

Fiverr.com is popular with many different types of freelancers, but the list below constitutes the people who are most likely to find work and employers through the platform:

  • Graphics & Design – people who work with graphics or design find Fiverr.com to be helpful. All kinds of design work is done by people on this site.
  • Digital Marketing – all forms of digital marketing, from content marketing to AdWords, are available on the platform, from many of the freelancers who use the site. This is useful for people who may need a small job done, but without needing a full-time employee.
  • Writing & Translation – these jobs are always popular on any platform, but since Fiverr.com in particular has popularised the idea of tiny, quick jobs for cheap prices, employers might find it useful to go looking for freelancers if they specifically need to write an essay or any other task.
  • Video & Animation – again, these can quite often be short projects which do not involve a lot of work, which is why employers find it convenient to search on Fiverr.com for freelancers who offer them, thereby giving themselves a larger choice.
  • Music & Audio – this is the same as video and animation in that most of the time, the audio required is very short in nature. Rather than being large jobs, they are short ones.

How to Check a Profile

Look at the Prices

Check the prices when you are looking for potential freelancers; they can be in budget or out of budget, sometimes it doesn’t matter if the freelancer seems to be the type of person you need.

Check Rating

Look at the rating that the freelancer has on Fiverr.com; it may not be accurate, simply because the freelancer either has not worked much or has just set up on the site, but it can tell you how good the freelancer is.

Check Packages

See what else a freelancer offers – it is quite rare to find someone on these sites who only specialises in one particular skill. It is quite possible to find something which you might find useful over and above your initial needs.

Check FAQ

Check the FAQ of the site, to make sure that all your questions are answered, and that you can be sure that the freelancer will do what you need them too. The FAQ will also answer questions about the payment process, etc.

Check Reviews

Reviews are a very useful tool for seeing what a freelancer is capable of. Tread carefully, as reviews can be faked, but in general, they give a good indication of how a freelancer has performed in other jobs.

Write to the Freelancer Directly

When you are satisfied that you have found a freelancer who will fulfil all the criteria you have for your job, it is time to contact them with the details, and see if they think they can take it on.

Common Mistakes

Cheapest Prices

Sometimes the maxim that you get what you pay for is all too true; this is possibly especially the case on a platform which advertises a minimum limit of five dollars. While it can be tempting go with the lowest bidder, remember that the price may be so low because otherwise they can’t get work at all.

Not Reading Instructions

There can be a temptation to not read full instructions if the freelancer looks perfect at first sight, but this can be a problem. Not reading the full package puts customers in the position of maybe agreeing to things they do not want or need, and thus can mean that they are spending needless money.

Not Reading Delivery Time

It is vitally important for everyone to be on the same page with regards to the delivery time, but not everyone is. Fiverr.com gives the opportunity for freelancers to say when they can deliver particular jobs by, as well as allowing employers to do the same thing. When nobody communicates, disasters can occur.


There is always a potential for miscommunications to happen, with freelancers getting so caught up in their work that they do not speak, and some employers not feeling the need to extend any help. Make sure to establish a reputation for good communication, and always make sure that the freelancer has a schedule for getting in touch and talking about the project.


Is it better to use a service like Fiverr.com, or is it better to keep an in-house specialist? Only an individual employer can answer that, but there are advantages and disadvantages to either side. Using a service such as Fiverr.com does mean that a freelancer can be hired only when there is a need for the specific services they provide, but there is an advantage to having someone on-staff who is fully briefed on everything the business does and is already trusted with some level of secrecy concerning the practices of the business.

On the other hand, having someone on-staff does bring up the probability that replacing them (should it become necessary) will be difficult. With a freelancing service, if someone does not do an adequate job, then the next time a job needs doing, the business can simply hire another freelancer. Things are not so simple with in-house staff.


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