Local Internet Marketing Trends in Melbourne

If your company is targeting a local audience in Melbourne, Australia, you need SEO local service by a company in Melbourne instead of general, national SEO company that is meant to reach a global crowd. Below are some effective ways in which you can target your niche market in town.

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Google Places and Local Advertising

Many people and businesses use Google Places to find a company in the local area that can meet their needs. What is more, Google Places shows search engines that you are a local business, thus boosting your search engine placement for local queries. Setting up a Google Places account for your company is easy and free, thus enabling you to promote your own company at no cost. Utilising Places and gaining quality reviews from customers, clients or patients will help bring more in foot and onsite traffic to your store. The better the reviews, the more likely people are to visit you.

Melbourne companies that use Google Adwords and/or Facebook advertisements should consider using “Melbourne” as one of the targeted keywords, i.e. “Melbourne steakhouse” or “Melbourne discount shoes”. Identifying yourself with the city makes it clear that you are a local company; while this may not increase the amount of traffic your site gets it will boost your conversion rate. Keep in mind that while this is a common SEO tactic it still gets positive results.

One can also incorporate SEO in Melbourne into your advertising campaign by using Google Analytics to learn more about your local competitors. Use this information to choose keywords that do not have a lot of competition but still have the potential to not just bring in traffic but also generate sales. Doing so will enable you to keep costs down while still reaching a wide audience.

Local Website and Niche related Directories

Search for local website directories and submit your website to them. Doing so is not necessarily good for SEO in Melbourne, as Google no longer pays much attention to how many links a site has when determining website ranking. However, a local listing does help a lot in creating local awareness of who you are and what you have to offer. Having your business name listed in a prominent, respectable local directory also boosts trust in your business.The more reviews across the web your company has, the better.

You can either do SEO in Melbourne on your own or hire a professional to help you. In many cases, hiring a professional is the best option, albeit the more expensive one. A company that handles SEO in Melbourne will ensure that your site appeals to your target audience, will help you get listed in Google places and will do the hard work of boosting your website so that it appears on the first page of relevant Google queries. Make sure that you hire a company that is interested in increasing your company value, not just theirs. A desirable SEO company, like ROI.com.au, will strive to know about your business inside and out while focusing not only on brand awareness in marketing strategies, but also increasing return on investmetn (ROI) for their services. You want a company that can show the value they provide to your local business.


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