Strathmore Drawing Paper Delivers the Quality Artists Require

When I was a young artist, I struggled, as we all do, to divide my time between my family, the job I had to work to support them, and what I consider my real life—art. Money was in short supply and one day we had family over for a potluck barbecue when I was feeling especially guilty about spending money on supplies. While talking to my grandfather, I showed him a new pad of Strathmore drawing paper I’d just purchased. I mentioned that I should probably not have spent money on it. He looked at me over the top of his glasses. “You can’t dig a good hole without a proper shovel,” he said. “Oh, you can dig a hole, alright, but it won’t be the best one you can dig.” I have never felt guilty about buying the high quality paper I prefer again.


As an artist and businessperson, you need to make your budget stretch as far as possible without sacrificing quality. That means you need to study the different kinds of paper available and make certain you choose the one that will do your job the best. You can find the one that meets your specifications exactly by choosing a company that lists its paper’s characteristics fully—texture, weight, number of pages, type of media for which it is best suited etc. For example, I use Strathmore drawing paper almost exclusively because of its high quality. They provide complete information about their paper’s correct use—there is no guesswork involved.

Another important characteristic is that the Strathmore drawing paper is strong enough to withstand creasing and doesn’t look worn after being handled. It can take erasing as long as it is not over done. The paper gives beautiful results no matter what media is used—watercolor, pastels, crayon, marker, charcoal etc. All projects will turn out as beautifully as the skill of the artist can deliver.

Strathmore drawing paper comes in several different series and every series has specific characteristics. The 300 series comes in bristol smooth pads, bristol pads with vellum surface, charcoal pads, newsprint pads, tracing pads, and watercolor pads. By reading the description of every paper in a series you will learn its general and specific characteristics and its best use. For instance, a bristol pad with a vellum surface is economical and great for a variety of media including crayon, pencil, charcoal, pastel, and art markers. Strathmore drawing papers also come in a variety of convenient sizes.

Strathmore drawing paper is made by a company that is one of the biggest sellers of paper and other art supplies in the world. That means numerous artists like me rely on their products. One source of reviews showed that hundreds of reviewers gave Strathmore drawing paper good marks that averaged 4.5 stars out of a 5 star rating system. Buyers of various types of Strathmore drawing paper, say they like it because it is acid free, environmentally friendly, has a nice surface texture, and it is usually easy to remove sheets from the pads. They also like the fact that the papers always work well with the media suggested for it. To find quality Stratham drawing paper, visit


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