The Benefits Of Local SEO Over Global SEO

For the laymen, SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of promoting a website so that it appears higher up in search engine results. The higher number of good links (non-spammy) that a website has to other pages means it should attain a higher order number in the search engine results page. After a website has been optimised it will appear higher in the search results users see (ideally on the first page.) People are quickly realising though, that local SEO techniques may actually have many hidden benefits for businesses out there.

local SEO

Recent estimates put the number of active websites at around 460 billion with that number growing rapidly every day. Local SEO particularly benefits businesses that have a physical location and provide goods that are not globally accessible or able to be easily delivered. Local SEO provides authenticity, immediacy, and development to sites that may not generate a response on a global scale; search engines will in turn view a locally optimised site as more authentic and reputable. As mobile phones use a search system that is similar to the ones used by search engines, if a user tries to locate a nearby business, the ones optimised for a keyword and location will be the amongst the highest results shown and a map of nearby businesses will be displayed for them to select from, as opposed to global ones. An experience tailored to the local site user, will therefore yield more customers than a global page.

Local SEO rankings are improved by increased numbers of citations, reviews and in particular and most importantly, positive reviews. You can attempt to do your own form of SEO or take up the services of an agency. Whilst many of their methods are fairly straightforward and easy to replicate, it’s when something goes awry that you may not have noticed, that you could become unstuck. London SEO agencies are often expensive, but if you have the budget, they will accomplish your goals swiftly and more efficiently than you could ever do yourself.

Global SEO draws information from the enhancing of features, highlighting propaganda and marketing. The traffic created does increase the responses in the search engine but not always the development of the new and returning customers. Research shows that customers still search for companies they know and trust through local interactions and customer feedback. To optimise these websites, the company needs to find that visceral connection to the customer. While Global SEO appears to reach more customers, it is the customer’s searches that drive the power of optimisation and direct the success of local SEO. Therefore when users search for e.g. Car Valeting In London, the top websites that fill the first page of Google (for example) should be local companies ready for your business but should also be balanced with some global results and information.

So, besides making a website be deemed more valid and authentic for the search engines, local methods draw in more users from mobile devices and directories, who would not usually visit a local website. Large corporations are quickly catching on to this are taking note of these methods, which cannot be ignored for much longer.


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