Are You Making These Content Marketing Mistakes?

Many businesses have embraced the new ways of marketing that have come about, but most of them are still not getting it right when it comes to content marketing. Many businesses both big and small are making major mistakes and wondering why their content marketing efforts hit the wall. Outlined below are some of the content marketing mistakes that many businesses make.

Written Infomercials Instead of Content


Most businesses think they have content out there while what they actually have is a written version of an infomercial. They tend to think that talking about their products or services in detail is content while it is actually advertising. This is why their content marketing strategies fail, because a lot of online readers don’t like being sold products to and ignore such kind of blatant selling. Businesses should understand that merely describing products or services is very different from real content. Great content has what the readers are really looking for. Good marketers sell their products without being too obvious or trying too hard in one of those open persuasions to buy.

Not Making it Personal


Most businesses create content that is too cold and fail to connect with their target audience. The audience wants to connect with the human aspect of the business and when they fail to find this connection in the cold and official sounding content, then the relationship is never established and they lose interest.

Not Being Consistent


Most businesses join great social media platforms which are very effective when it comes to marketing their content. However, they fail to update their content after establishing a connection with their audience and therefore end up losing the audience whose interest they had already captured. They run active accounts with fresh content only for a while but stay dormant for longer periods. What they fail to realize is that there is no marketing season and that content marketing should be done always in order to keep the target audience interested and maintain high sales or brand popularity.

Repurposing Old Content


Sometimes this works, but often times it doesn’t. Many businesses have used old content in the wrong context and ended up being the online joke. Not all old content will make great new content. Businesses should simply involve creativity in their content generation and create new and original content.

Boring Content



No one likes to read anything boring because there are other more interesting things to read. Businesses should never have boring content because they will never capture the interest of their target audience. No one will read a boring blog, social media page or website. Lively, informative and well written content that will keep the audience coming back for more is what should entail great content. Boring content has no place in serious content marketing.

Posting Copied Content


It is important to check out the competition’s content to get an idea of the kind of content to write. You can emulate the competition’s content but never copy. You could also check various sources but never directly copy from a source. Copying is not only unoriginal, but you also risk being sued and gaining a bad reputation, something which is never good for business. Originality is always key when it comes to content marketing.

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