Protecting your Business Inside and Out

Owning a business is a labour of love, and only the most committed will make it to full business ownership despite all the hiccups and pitfalls involved. Any responsible and committed business owner with therefore want to be extra careful about protecting their company from any potential problems, which in the world of small to medium enterprise could prove fatal to the business’s survival. The key is to have protection in place from the very beginning, and to keep reassessing this as the company grows to ensure you are well covered against any incidents.

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Protect your premises

Whether you work from home or have an office with several staff members, you will likely have equipment and space that you need to do your job and run your company. Without this it would be difficult and maybe impossible to keep your business going, and as such you should make sure you have a plan if something should go wrong. It is a fact of life that sometimes accidents happen, or people take what isn’t theirs, so insurance for your property including your building (even if it’s your house), is a must. Tech support plans may also be appropriate if your business is largely based around computers, as any issues can then be fixed without the need for hefty adhoc bills.

Protect information

Most companies will have to deal with sensitive information like bank details or customer addresses, and can be held responsible if this information goes astray. Information can be accessed either physically if hard copies of files go astray or someone from within your company leaks the information, or remotely by hackers who access your computer systems. Make sure that any information that is personal and sensitive to either your business or your customers is correctly encrypted and is only available to those who really need to see it. Secure passwords are a must as they make it harder for attackers to break into and therefore a deterrent for this type of crime. Doubly protect yourself from information theft by insuring yourself against claims should the worst happen. There are many business insurance packages that include professional indemnity insurance that guard against financial damage when information goes astray.

Protect your staff

Your staff are one of your greatest assets as a business, and making sure that they are happy and protected is a good way to ensure they stay with you and continue to aid your business growth. Employees have the right to feel safe and heard at work and a good HR strategy goes a long way to achieving this. Disciplinary procedures mean that any wrong doing is punished, helping those in the right to continue without confrontation, and those in the wrong to learn from mistakes. They should also be protected from any injury or damage that may occur during their employment, so regular occupational health checks are important as well as adequate insurance against any accidents at work.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to build and maintain a business, and the last thing you want is for it to fail due to something that is easily avoidable. Do regular assessments on risks to your company and take any necessary precautions to avoid these risks sinking your business. There will be an initial outlay, but this will be worth it if it saves you from a hefty bill in the future. After all,’ it’s better to be safe than sorry’ applies in business as well as in everyday life.

This article was written by Roxanne Wells on behalf of Hiscox.


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