Managing Your Design Team With Tech

With the increasing need for businesses to have a simple, yet strategic brand as they grow in the marketplace, the need for design firms and bigger design teams are increasing. As this market continues to size up, managers of design teams will need to adopt different practices to properly manage them.

An important managerial task is making sure that all employees have what they need to properly do their job…nowadays, this usually consists of devices and apps. Apps that a designer might need include the Adobe Creative Suite, Box, Font Book, and ColorSchemer.

After you identify what apps are needed, it is your responsibility to get them to all of your employees. Downloading apps to many devices typically requires logging into each device to purchase it with the company account…depending on how many iPhones, iPads, or Mac devices there are in your organization, this can be a very inefficient use of time.

Luckily, certain technology can automatically distribute apps to multiple devices at once. Bushel is one option. Bushel utilizes the VPP store, where companies can buy as many licenses of an app as they need. After that, they can assign these licenses to specific devices, or all of them, and Bushel will start downloading the apps accordingly. It’s as simple as that…everyone gets what they need.

But it goes further than that; Bushel helps ensure sensitive information is secure by restricting it to company apps only. This means that employees will not be able to move company data out of the device, helping to keep that data secure.


As a company grows, it can be harder and harder to keep consistent communication between each part of the company. Luckily, apps can help. Communication services, such as HipChat, Skype, Wunderlist, and Basecamp, can be used for purposes ranging from fun chats to serious discussions to strategic planning, and they help to make sure everyone is up-to-date on all of these things.

Of course, as a manager, you’re never really done managing, and new tasks pop up all the time. Other things that are on your plate include hitting deadlines, motivating employees, planning for the future, hiring staff, and the list goes on. While that list may seem daunting at times, technology can help you become an even more effective and efficient manager.


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