Monetize Movie Watching on Your Website!

FIlesTube, once, well-known files search engine, now, standing on the bright side of the force VOD service, has opened an Affiliation Program. It is a loyalty program where users earn money for showing people free and licenced movies or by inviting them to register by referral banners.

User earns with his/her website in CPA model and views are counted after clicking in a widget, displaying an advertising and watching movie for 5 seconds.

FIlesTube offer the highest CPA rates on the market – up to $10 per 1000 unique visitors.

FilesTube Affiliation

How to start earning?

Nothing could be easier – to become a member of FilesTube Affiliate Program, you have to sign up using your email address, or with Facebook.

What FilesTube Affiliation is about?

Everyone who owns a website can start earning money by embed widgets with chosen movies, TV series or trailers in the source of code in his/her website.

Widgets are the film thumbnails with descriptions.

Visitor, who clicks the thumbnail, will be displayed ads before the actual film, and an Affiliate Member will receive a commission on those ads.

Widget can by modify in any way, even after placing them to website. By using panel, user can choose the Movie/TV series category, adjust the size, colour and many other things of the widget to make it best suited for her/his website.

What about earnings?

FilesTube payout rates looks pretty impressive

User gets commission on ads every time a Movie/TV series is watched. The commission is dependent on various factors, e.g. the country of the person who watches a film, or the rate offered by advertisers for ad display.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a refferal program, where the payout rate is 20%

And payments?

Payments are sent on a monthly basis. The minimal amount for a payment is $5  FilesTube uses PayPal.



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