Most Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog without Banner Ads

I have tested the method of making money blogging without banner ads for two years, the result is very good. I also saw in the last two years many bloggers have been successfully making money blogging despite they don’t put many – even nothing – banner ads on their blog. The method is very effective to generate more revenue instead of embedding banners or widgets.

I think you often hear that adding banners on your blog is a good method of monetizing. But there are some points you have missed, it’s not simple as adding banners on your blog then you’ll make money next day. I have found quite many reasons why adding banners on a blog is not an effective way to generate more revenue. There are some considerations you need to know regarding monetizing using banner ads.


  • You need a blog with high traffic.
  • It can’t be applied to any niche and any type of blog.
  • Know your visitors / readers. May be they do not like banner ads on your blog. It’s back to the previous one, you must know the behavior of visitors for certain niche.
  • Banner ads distract visitor attention from your content.

Making Money Blogging without Banner Ads

Comparing to using banner ads, there are many pros of monetizing your blog without banner ads. Here are three main pros:

  1. Highly targeted visitors
  2. Has high conversion rates
  3. It works with less traffic blog

I think there are many more pros. You’ll find yourself by viewing the methods of monetizing your blog without banners. Well, here we go.

Product Review

In this method you write review article for certain product related to your blog topic. The best approach is by adding personal touch or by sharing your own experience about the product. Also describe as complete as possible the product features and its most benefits. Creating video to demonstrate the product is also great.

List Building

This is the best one. All the Internet marketing gurus say “Build a list!”, “The money is in the list”. If you have not build a list right now, then you should prepare and start build list. The simplest way is by adding an optin form on your sidebar. But this is not the only way, there are several effective ways to grow your email list, including referral opt-in system, lightbox, exit popup, header or footer bar, and many more.

Offer Box or Contextual Information

Offer Box or contextual information can contain one or several recommended products. It’s a bit challenges here, you are playing with your copywriting and presell skills. Since the offer box is quite small – usually only for one paragraph – then you must write a paragraph as attractive and as simple as possible.


Adding Links into Blog Post

You add any possible text link that can make you money. The links can be affiliate links or your own product or service. Said you write an article about how to create a squeeze page that convert, then simply add one or two affiliate links that related to squeeze page. Based on my experience, this method converts better than offer box, but product review is better than this one.

Now you have gotten an overview. Does adding banners is a good monetizing method for your blog or not. Let me know your thought and experience by leaving a comment. ;)

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Tantan is a full time blogger, Internet marketer and WordPress theme designer & developer. He also works as an SEO manager handling client projects. You can visit his blog at or grab his ebook “Making Money Blogging without Banners”.


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  1. alya says:

    i do like it to add more new trendy out look.particularly technology.

  2. Mark says:

    Very interesting suggestions on blogingu:) thanks:)

  3. Wow, you make some good points here Tantan. I’ll have to try them out. Thanks!

  4. I agree with your 10 ways on how to monetize a blog. It’s pretty loaded with money making opportunities and I shall put it to work.

  5. Tantan says:

    Honestly each point can be explained more detail. There are many other monetizing methods without using banner ads, these 4 methods are only several of them, that are most popular.

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