Optimization Tips for an Effective Landing Page That Converts

Landing page is a lead generation tool aimed to generate leads for different marketing and advertising campaigns. A landing page can be small or big. Everything depends on the purpose of creating a landing page. The landing pages are designed to run paid campaigns. They are a very effective tool to engage targeted audience towards your offerings”.

A landing page is a web page or a lead generation page, created for the purpose of advertising and marketing campaigns. It is mainly used in Google Adwords campaigns to make the visitors land at your website, fan page or any other location.  A landing page is having a call to action option which assists visitors to reach the particular and specified location. These are very important for increasing the conversion rate of Google Adwords campaigns. A landing page is used for paid traffic like Google Adwords in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Types of Landing Pages

There are mainly two types of landing pages which are as follows:

  1. Lead Generation Landing Pages: Such kind of landing pages is helpful for B2B marketing. They use CTA (Call to Action) option for a lead generation like Name, Mobile No, and Email address.
  2. Click through Landing Pages are basically used for E-Commerce purpose.

The landing page may be short or long web form as per the requirement of advertising campaigns. The main purpose of a landing page is only lead generation. For different industries, the choice of creating landing page is entirely different with respect to their specified purposes.

You can refer this following web form as a landing page example.

In the above picture, you can see clearly that it is a landing page which is created for the purpose of lead generation. It has name, address, mobile no and email address fields to collect basic information from the visitors for enhancing the conversion rate of Google Adwords campaigns.

There are some optimization tips for an effective landing page which are important for increasing the conversion rate of Google Adwords campaigns.

Design of Your Landing Page: It is true that the first impression is the last impression. The look and feel of the landing page should be awesome and extraordinary. You should use blue or red color combination to make it more attractive. The selection of the image if required on the landing page is also important to the respective industry norms. The information used on the landing page should be simple and effective.

It should excite interest in the minds of the visitors to provide their basic information without any problem. There are many tools for creating and designing a landing page. But, you can use email marketing tools like EngageBay, MailChimp or Active Campaign as the landing page creator or the landing page builder platform.

Be Specific: The landing page looks elegant and responsive when it is full of relevant and specific information. The unnecessary use of extra stuff like more content and heavy images will make it more absurd. The visitors will like to be associated with the landing page which has an appealing and interesting stuff to read and lure them for providing them their basic information for future updates. You should know thoroughly how to build a landing page.

If you feel that you want to add more information on the landing page but that may not be liked by your visitors. So, you had better add-on relevant information in form of videos which would certainly engage more visitors for being subscribed to your landing page.

Create Your Landing Page as Per Your Business Requirements: The selection of landing page is very critical. If you are targeting any niche segment, you can look for well-defined landing page which may be short or long web form depending upon your range of products or services and how you want to engage your targeted audience. Be careful and don’t use jargons or difficult language on your landing page which may otherwise land you in trouble if your readers are not convinced of your offerings.

Offer Something Fee to Attract Your Visitors: Do you know that Why should someone visit your landing page? There are many institutions/individuals who are offering their products and services with the intention of getting more leads through their lead generation web form which is a landing page. The current business environment is very competitive. Until you have some unique to offer, it is very difficult to convince your prospective visitors to buy your products/services. To excite the interest in the minds of the visitors towards your offerings, you can offer freebies or share any paid information free to your visitors. Like, if you are a gym instructor, you can offer free tips for being healthy or an article which educates you for losing your weight within 4 weeks. You can offer an E-book like “Free Social Media Marketing Tools” to your targeted audience if you are a digital marketer. Such kind of lucrative can be offered by you to engage more and more visitors to your landing page and hence, there would be a higher possibility of conversion. You should know that it takes only 8 seconds to convince targeted audience for your offerings.

Create Trust with Your Audience: Winning trust is really very important in any kind of business. There is not any particular way to generate trust in the mind of the audience. When you create a landing page for your business, you can mention the name of the prestigious companies or groups with whom you have worked with. You can use their company logos or their names in bold letters or their holograms to create a positive and vibrant image of yourself. You may also show the reviews given by your old customers on your landing page for convincing them towards your brand. This will certainly compel visitors to fill the lead form or the landing page with basic and requisite sort of information for your enhancing conversion.

Compatible with Mobile: Since the digitalization has taken place, we are constantly listening 3G, 4G and now 5G technology is about to come. The sudden growth in internet technology has abruptly increased the usage of mobile internet. People prefer to access any basic information primarily on mobile for quick availability. The landing page should be properly aligned to mobile view. The information needs to be exactly visible and easily accessible by mobile phone for enhancing conversion rate of the landing page. Presently, more than 40% of the online web traffic is searched through mobile phones.

Exaggerate the Benefits of Your Products/Services: It is very important to market yourself when you are trying to promote your products or services. You should talk about the benefits of utilizing your offerings for others. They must see the real value of your products or services in their eyes or they need to be convinced of the benefits which they can drive if they opt your offerings.

Customize Your Landing Pages for Your Different Audience: You can’t solely be dependent on one or two landing pages. In case, you run many advertising campaigns for your different purposes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You are advised to create different landing pages for a different campaign. This would help you to identify which landing page is performing well in terms of lead generation and what is the conversion rate as well. This will certainly support you in the successful running of your advertising campaigns.

Google Adwords Campaigns Should Support Your Landing Page: Mere creating landing page for your business doesn’t guarantee the success of your advertising campaigns. The landing page should support your PPC campaigns. Don’t repeat same language or phrases which would bore your targeted audience. The landing page navigation links should be working properly. A small mistake can hamper your overall performance of campaigns.

Test Your Landing Page Before Running Any Campaign: The test run of your landing page is very important. Actually, sometimes happens that you are unable to run your landing page smoothly because of the high density of keywords, high pixel images or any error in linking your landing page with important information or image. This makes your entire hard work vulnerable. You should test your landing page at least thrice for flawlessly running your advertising campaigns.

So, the above important points focus on the purpose of creating landing pages. There are many landing page creation tools discussed above which make your task easier. Even though you are non-technical, you would be able to create landing pages of your choices. You should consistently check the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. This will help you to identify which landing page is performing well or not. That landing page which is not performing well, they need to be changed quickly and should be replaced with right kind of landing page suiting to your lead generation requirements. Hope, you would like the above suggestions and tips while creating your favorite landing page for your business.


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