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Pros and Cons of Social Networking for Designers

As the contest keeps on growing in the internet world, social networking is an unavoidable prerequisite for every designer. In today’s fast paced world of technological innovation, everyone is moving their focus to the...


Best Office Design in 2012

Designing a corporate office involves a lot of decisions and thought processes which address: the design theme to use, choosing a theme that accentuates the firm’s brand, providing comfort for employees and lastly, what...


Facebook Privacy – Demystified

Online privacy is a popular buzzword among Internet users these days. Experts are hugely divided on this, with some of them thrashing social networking biggies like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare over invading user privacy,...


20 Creative and Funny Lego Ads

Legos are the most popular building toys on the planet, and for good reason. As the years have gone by, the era of simple blocks has changed into a compendium of pop culture references...


7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Resume

Your resume showcases your skills and professional accomplishments to potential recruiters and a good quality resume could be the deciding factor in your job search success. In today’s competitive job market where recruiters are...


The Pros and Cons of In-House Graphic Design

Knowing that you love art and you love graphic design is one thing, but knowing where you want to offer this passion is quite another. In general, graphic designers have three options when it...


A Warning from Google

In the early days of SEO a marketer would need to keep a close eye on what Yahoo, Google, and MSN were doing. Now Yahoo! is a mess, MSN isBing and Google rules 90%...


Blogging Inspiration

Bloggers often care about their blogs as if they were their children, and their day be ruined by a low number of site views. Blogging does end up taking quite a lot of time...


Free Icon Fonts and Tutorials

Fonts are the way to present your content and also your design. In this roundup we have collected some icon fonts to download and also some tutorials. Enjoy!! Free Icon Fonts Web Symbols font