Beginner Tutorials on Photo Manipulation

Let’s say, you’re brainstorming for your virtual artwork. You are fascinated by the Amazon forest and you would like your artwork to depict that same vibrancy and richness.You want your theme to dwell on the suspense of being lost in the wilderness. Well, you don’t have to book a flight to make your concept possible. You can just start by collecting the images and photographs that will complete your concept and enhance those combined images to achieve the theme that you desire. All can be done under your fingertips!

Photoshop manipulation is one of the major breakthroughs on tools for graphic designers. It helped designs to be completed quicker, more efficiently and more beautifully. Basically, your imagination is the key. Photoshop offers you various tools that you can experiment with to achieve your desired concept. Your imagination works not only at the point of conception but is actively involved in the process itself.

Common outputs are not only limited to virtual artworks. Photoshop manipulation is very much rampant in business marketing to create visually appealing ads. In fact, Photoshop manipulation itself is a growing business. It may still be used for recreational or personal purposes.

This article will feature some tutorials on how you can manipulate your photos. Feel free to experiment and add some insights. Again, your imagination is your best tool. Feel free to play with it!

1. Mental Wave Explosion

Mental Wave Explosion Effect

Inspired by Magneto? You can incorporate supernatural powers such as an explosion or existence of a magnetic field in your work by means of Photoshop.

2. Raining Effect

To intensify the emotion conveyed on your artwork, you can use the Raining Effect.

3. The Snow Effect

You don’t have to create a frozen simulation to create your Ice Age-inspired artwork. By means of your images and some color effects, your artwork will be as cool as you expect it to be.

4. Dark Horror Scene

Photoshop provides a crack brush set that you can use to makes your images more thrilling and your audience at the edge of their seats.

5. Spectral Photo Manipulation

This effect is perfect for creating ghostly scenes through skills in combining images and working on lighting effects.

6. Crystallized Water Girl Effect

This effect lets your images sparkle like crystals no matter how blunt they are originally.

7. Surreal Night Photo Manipulation

Compared to spectral photo manipulation, this effect conveys dark but soft tones perfect to depict a melancholic night.

8.  Angelic Style Owl Warrior

You can use other images for re-creation. Basically, it uses fractal brushes to complete the effect.

9. Meteor and Burning City Effect

Dramatic Meteor and Burning City Effect

This is perfect for depicting meteor showers and fiery disasters.

10.  Abstract by Cloning

This provides you the procedure of using the Cloning Stamp Tool to create an abstract work.

11. Figure Male

This tutorial shows how texture can be played to increase the edginess of an artwork.

12. Supernatural Magic Figure with Fire Element

It incorporates vexel hair, masking and lighting effects that will stand out on a dark background.

13. Skating Poster

It incorporates the common notion of urban streets and the action in skating.

14. Remove Giraffe Spots

For an eccentric and surreal effect, you can strip a giraffe from it spots. Also works on zebras and cheetahs as well. J

15. Crack Effect

If your inspiration is the china dolls that Dorothy encountered on her quest, this is one good effect that you can use.

16. The Mummy in Photoshop

You can bring the ancient Egypt back to life by means of working with stock images, perspective tools and lighting tools.

17. Centaurs and the Greeks

If you plan to create mythical creatures, it is still possible through Photoshop by simply combining different cropped images and smoothing the edges.

18. The Tron Legacy

Inspired by Tron? Yes, you can incorporate the glowing lights and the virtual environment of this game to your images.

19. Apocalyptic scene

If you are a Mayan believer, you might want to use this effect before the 21st of December comes. J It uses stock images and burning effects.

20. Dynamic Black White Scene using Geometric Elements

Post Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation

Not only can you use stock images but you can also experiment with basic geometrical shapes to create lighting effects and perspective.

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