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7 Great Tips to Design a Search Engine Friendly Website

Search engines Prefer well designed web sites with plenty text content for their top rankings. Here’s some tips on how to design a web site to be ranked at the top in the search...


When About Us is More Than About You

As an online marketer, content manager, or anyone else whose job consists of holding up giant arrows that point to your website, you know upon entering your position that it’s not rocket science.  What...


5 Web Design Basics You Should Know

Here are some of the basics of web design that you should know on your own without your web design company having to teach you: Web Design Graphics


18 Top Web Design News Sites

Web site designing needs some extra effort, like creativity, knowledge and good sense of humor. In Web design the designer gets extra standing. Looking for free web design news resources are not that difficult...


Why links are indispensable for a website?

A web site needs a lot of efforts to make it competitive enough to survive the fierce competition. There are tons of web sites on the web and each one is vying to grab...

Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin 0

Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress has become one of the most widely used platforms to create and manage membership sites. As more and more users turn to wordpress for their membership site needs, the membership plugins have continued...


Six fantastic all-time WordPress Plugins

As you know, WordPress plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Being a WordPress user; one of the most popular blogging platforms, you must be using various plugins to modify,...


What is the utility of HTML5 and CSS3 in web designing?

HTML5 and CSS3 are important for web designing as it provides broader range of options and increases the creative opportunities of designing a webpage. Web designing plays an important role in marketing your products....

MOJO-Themes Service Review 0

MOJO-Themes Service Review

MOJO-Themes is a growing buy and sell marketplace for design platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. New themes and templates are added daily and users are able to find themes based on theme style,...


Flash vs. HTML 5 – Will The New App End It?

You must have heard about the so very igniting debate on Flash and HTML5.Obviously!!We have been hearing about it from the time when apple banned Adobe Flash from the iPad. The statement-“Flash is no...


MOJO Themes Cyber Bundle

The MOJO Themes Cyber Bundle will take place for 10 days only between the dates of November 29th (Cyber Monday) to December 9th. The Bundle will include some of  most popular items within the...


SMSEO – Reasons behind its growing popularity

With the present changes in the US economy, most company marketers have to improve their performance banking on a handful of resources. The marketing techniques have gone through a shift from traditional to digital...


A Roundup of Printable Wireframe Templates

One of the most crucial, and easily forgotten, aspects of website development is the design phase, in which the aesthetics and ergonomics of the site are laid down. Design starts with brainstorming, and brainstorming...