An insight into Website Accessibility and its evaluation tools

A website may have a unique design and contain useful features but if it is not accessible by all users, the presence of these factors is of no use. To simply this, a website which cannot be seen and experienced by users in its entirety will not be able to serve the purpose for which it is designed and developed. For example, a business cannot reap the optimum benefits if its potential customers are unable to view the website. Thus a Website’s accessibility is an important consideration in order to be successful in the online business world.

Poster 25 - Three New Open Source Tools for Web Accessibility Auditing and Education #heweb10 (more…)

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About whatfontis

Are you a graphic designer, photographer, blogger, advertiser, font freak, curious by nature or
just dying to find out what’s the name of that awesome font that you saw on a website?
Then search no more, and let me tell you about WhatFontis ( )
With WhatFontis , a free online font identifier, you are only three steps away to find the name
of the font that you just can’t stand not knowing about. (more…)

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16 Useful and Free e-books for Web Designers and Developers

The world of website development has never been more open than today. With proper standards in place and hundreds of tutorials available online for free it takes just a few days of studying to master even the simplest of web development and programming topics. The community of graphic designers has also started to come forth with many great e-books and online guides.

Below is a small collection of 16 amazing e-book resources. Web designers and developers alike will find these very helpful with day-to-day operations. All products have been linked to their original source where you can download and contact the author with any comments or questions.

Better CSS Font Stacks

free books (more…)

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12 Tips For Hiring And Working With Your Web Design Company

Many entrepreneurs that like to take their business online dread the process of hiring and working with their web design company as they hear several frightful stories and unpleasant experience of web design customers. This however does not mean that there are no happy web design customers. You just know how to pick the right web design company and how to work with your web design company. Here are few tips on how you can hire the right web design company and how to work with your web design company.

now hiring (more…)

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Twitter for amateurs

The Internet was a revolution in the communication and exchange of information from its beginnings, across the years everybody was shocked by the speed of implementing in one’s everyday life – another revolution. In the last decade a further revolution was made by the commercial power of the Internet, it changed the strategies of marketing greatly. Nowadays, as you can guess, we are living another revolution, the world became a tinny place and we all are friends. From this perspective the Internet is a never ending revolution and more important, a revolution establishes the conditions for a new bigger one.

The present revolution is based on the fastest growing online presence, the social media, and one of the most important networks is Twitter.

twitter-for-amateurs-world-map (more…)

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33 Examples of Illustrated Twitter Backgrounds

After MySpace and Facebook had demonstrated their potential as social networks Twitter has exploded onto the scene. With the ability to customize your profile contents there are many graphic designers showcasing their talents through the one-to-many network system. These works often include custom buttons, graphics, and sometimes background illustrations.

I’ve scoured the twitterverse for 33 of the most inspirational illustrated background designs. Though these are just a small collection feel free to share any I’ve missed in the comments section below.


twitter background (more…)

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Current web design trends – an overview

Web design trends keep on changing with every passing year or within a period of few months. There had been significant changes last year whose impact can be seen more clearly in this year.

Popularity in the mobile device space has immensely increased in the sense that Smartphones and tablets like the iPad have made the interaction between users better and have facilitated easier accessibility to contents. Moreover, now people can take more and more advantage of the latest and the optimized features.

And this is possible because of web standards like HTML5, web fonts and CSS3, but What about the small businesses? It actually becomes difficult for them to stick to the latest designing trends because of factors like cost of the redesigns and the need for reaching a wide range of users.

web design trends (more…)

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21 Brand-New Web & Mobile UI Wireframe Kits

Rapid prototyping is essential for mobile designers. Having the ability to manipulate a simple stencil kit at will to create a masterpiece of design work is nothing short of incredible. Below are just a few examples of the newest mockups and wireframe templates to work with.

All of these templates work within the Adobe creative suite. The majority are built for Photoshop (.psd) but there are many Fireworks and Illustrator files as well.

Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy (more…)

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5 Quick Tips for Using WordPress

Blogging has become a great tool for everyday people to share their information, their skills, their passions, and their lives with those connected to the internet. WordPress noted this revolution and stepped onto the scene in 2003 offering a self-hosting blogging tool. WordPress is a software script which can be customized and used for any means. offers a free service which helps beginners start a blog in a matter of minutes. As a blogging system, WordPress includes content management, plug-ins, widgets, as well as customizable themes. With online mailing lists and forums, WordPress has become a great community tool.

wordcamp san francisco 02 (more…)

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19 Amazing Social Jquery Plugins and Tutorials

Nowadays, Social networking is one of the best and free ways for increase traffic on our blog. Social media optimization doesn’t only allow discovering and reading the content and information but also encourages you to share the knowledge what you have. This post includes some of social jquery plugins and tutorials. Enjoy!

Create a jQuery Plugin For Social Networking

social plugin (more…)

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19 best tutorials for web layouts

Designing websites in Photoshop is becoming a necessity for every designer. For this reason i want to present some great photoshop layouts tutorials. This roundup includes 19 of the best tutorials for web layouts. The following tutorials cover how to create different types of websites: wordpress themes layouts, hosting layouts, portfolio layouts.

1. Ultimate web hosting tutorial

photoshop layout (more…)

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