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WordPress has become one of the most widely used platforms to create and manage membership sites. As more and more users turn to wordpress for their membership site needs, the membership plugins have continued to evolve and the new generation of WordPress membership plugins can do it all. To illustrate how much things have changed, lets look at what used to be involved in setting up a membership site using WordPress.

To set up a membership site using wordpress, webmasters needed separate plugins to manage all of the following:

1. Process Payments

2. Set-Up Billing/Subscriptions

3. Auto Re-bill/Manage Subscriptions

4. Create a secure members only area

These four plugins were the minimum that were necessary to create a functioning membership website. To add more features, more plugins were needed and all of the plugins needed to be tailored to work well with each other.

With the new generation of WordPress membership plugins have been designed to not only accomplish much more than previous plugins, but to do so with only one plugin instead of 4 or more plugins.

To get an idea of how power the new generation of WordPress membership plugins are, here is a list of common features that are all available using a single new generation WordPress membership plugin.

1. Multiple Membership Levels

2. Simple Integration with both new and existing blogs

3. Payment Integration Modules that integrate PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, 2CheckOut, CCBill,, ClickBank, WorldPay, Epoch, AlertPay, Ogone and Manual Pay.

4. AutoResponder Integrations; AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp.

5. Flexible Control over Subscription Length

6. Automatic Login Redirection

7. Controlled Content Access Based on Membership Level

8. Partial Content Display so non-members can get a glimpse of what they will receive

9. Pay-Per-Post Access

10. Secure RSS Feeds

11. Download Management

12. Independent Member Management

13. And Much, Much More

When you use a new generation WordPress membership plugin, you will get access to all of these standard features and many more. In the past, these features would require 10+ independent plugins working together. Today, the new generation wordpress plugin not only is feature-rich, but is designed to seamlessly integrate into both new blogs and existing blogs alike. This makes starting a membership site easier than every before.”


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