11 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

If you are giving a thought of stepping into this world of photography and to master this art like a professional, here are a few photography tips for beginners that will allow you to begin this journey and hone your skills.

Photography—for some it’s art, for some it’s a hobby and maybe for some photo buffs, it’s more of a creative obsession. There’s always something interesting about this term, a vibe that attracts us to create something beautiful, built from a unique perspective. Our modern-day smartphones are equipped with advanced camera and resolution and have made almost everyone a photographer. From clicking selfie portraits to capturing breathtakingly stunning views from our recent vacation, we all love clicking pictures on our phone or camera. But do you think it’s enough to tag you as a professional photographer? Of course, not! There’s always room for learning something new.


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So, if you are giving a thought of stepping into this world of photography and to master this art like a professional, here are a few photography tips for beginners that will allow you to begin this journey and hone your skills.

Let’s get started and explore these amazing photography tips for beginners that can kick start your process of being an expert in this art.

Start Off with Basic Gear

Start Off with Basic Gear

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If you’re a beginner, the market may tempt you with a plethora of camera gear and accessories that may be required to get the job done. But to be honest, it’s not the gear but the skill that matters most. So, don’t go around buying expensive camera gear and accessories to burn a hole in your pocket. Rather stick to your existing camera, even if it’s not so advanced. Once you get through with all the basic lessons of photography and perspective, after that you can wisely think of investing in something useful and worthy of each and every penny you spend.

Understand Camera Settings

Camera Settings

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This goes true for almost every gadget you use! So, before you begin your photography journey just make sure you gain a basic knowledge of all your camera settings and terminology associated with photography like aperture, exposure, contrast, shutter speed, frame rate and so on. Having knowledge of all these terms will give you a good head start and allow you to click better pictures effortlessly.

Always Consider the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial components of photography which most of the photographers ignore. Whether you’re clicking indoors or outdoors, pay close attention to the lighting of your surroundings as it will help you to capture the best shot. Do you know what’s a good picture? Well, a good picture is not created with an expensive or professional camera, in fact, a picture clicked in good light can be tagged as a good picture. So, make sure that there is enough light in the surroundings when you capture the subject, not too much and not too low.

It’s all about the Perspective


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When we are listing down photography tips for beginners, perspective has got to be on the list anyhow. Believe it or not, but there are multiple perspectives to capture a scene. So, when you are trying to click a picture, make sure that you get the perspective right. Also, try something new or creative that amazes your followers and audience, something that has never been clicked or thought of by anyone else besides you.

Use a Tripod

Use a Tripod

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A blurred or noisy photograph is of no good, right? When you’re capturing stationary objects, Tripods can be of great use. Using a Tripod balances your camera and tries to reduce the moment so that each and every pixel is captured rightly with absolutely no blurriness or noise. Also, tripods are quite affordable and light-weighted so you can carry them along like your photography companion whenever you feel like shooting like a professional.

To Flash or Not to Flash

Almost all camera devices, even our smartphone comes with a LED flash feature, right? Most of us have an impression of using the flash mostly during night hours when there’s no light. But don’t you think it somehow spoils the whole picture and moment? And especially when there’s focus on just one part of the picture and the rest of it is clicked in dark. So, yes it may come out as a bit of a surprise but the right way of using the flash is when you’re outdoors in sunlight. Yes, that’s right! It will enhance your picture like never before and is definitely something worth trying. Yes, you can thank us later!

Add Filters and Effects

Filters and Effects

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The job of a photographer doesn’t just end after clicking a picture. In fact, there’s a lot more to it. Once you’ve clicked the picture, make sure you use any professional photo editing tool and enhance your captured shots by adding a few filters and effects. Try some experiments and improve your current work to create something that pleases your eyes!

Clean the Lens

Clean the Lens

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Yes, this is the most honest mistake that most of us make while shooting. A picture clicked with bad lens resolution is like every photographer’s nightmare. So, whenever you shoot, just make sure you clean the lenses nicely with a damp cloth so that there are fingerprint smudges or dirt placed on the lens.

Always Carry your Camera Along

Rather than waiting for the right moment, click something mundane to admire the beauty if simplicity. And yes, never make a mistake of leaving your camera behind at home whenever you step out of your home. You never know what you may find in your way, so always re ready and prepared.

Make the Most of Your Experience

Photography is often pursued as a form of art, right? Well, yes, it’s quite true! Whenever you are shooting or trying to capture a subject, don’t think of it as a job that needs to be done. In fact, take all the time you need, experiment with a few different angles and make the most of your experience. Yes, it doesn’t exactly count as photography tips for beginners but it is definitely worth sharing.

Use the Right Tools and Software

Like we mentioned earlier, photography is a gigantic term and it’s not a one-time job. So, whether you’re a beginner or a professional but to hone your skills you must be well aware of the right set of photography tools that help you in keeping your photos organized. Also, as you may land up with a lot of duplicates in your photo collection, you can use an intuitive Duplicate Photo Finder tool that automatically scans and removes all the duplicate photos from your system and saves you from the hassle of manually hunting down the duplicates. And if you think managing photos is a backbreaking task then you can also use a photo management tool.

We hope these 11 essential photography tips for beginners that will help you in developing an eye for details in photography. Try new experiments, travel and don’t be hesitant to capture a shot with your unique perspective.

Good luck fellas, get set and click!


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