Tips To Avoid Being a Bad PHP Programmer

You may be a professional in the industry of web development but have you ever judged yourself to find out whether you are a bad PHP programmer? While everyone has their own bad habits, there are some practices that are worth examining, reconsidering and correcting to avoid getting marked as a bad PHP programmer.

Know that it never hurts to accept your bad practices and get it rectified in time. Mostly it is observed that programmers get lazy and accumulate multiple shortcut codes that sometime winds up to become a complete disaster.

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Here we will be discussing about some of the bad practices that need to be taken care of immediately to ensure maximum results:

  • You don’t plan your coding: The first and foremost mistake that programmers make is not to have a proper plan of coding. Before you start writing a single line of code, make sure that you have a strong planning to avoid getting confused with wandering codes. The best way to have a thorough track of the programming is to maintain an outline in comments.
  • Sacrifice of clarity for conciseness: It is a common practice among programmers, especially experienced ones, to try wrapping up the coding in as few characters as possible. With this practice, you sacrifice the transparency and clarity of the programming for preciseness which can turn out to be a major reason of confusion for you later on.
  • You don’t maintain the standard of coding: Many programmers try to use their artistic signature style when formatting but it’s of no use from a practical point of view. Your coding format needs to be colloquial and easy to understand so that people don’t get bored but understands effortlessly what you are trying to say.
  • Use of duplicate code: If you are using duplicate codes in an app, know that you are going wrong. Check out for same coding in the app and if you have it more than once in your app, it’s time to consider reevaluating it.
  • No Development Pattern: When working on PHP programming, it is important that you have a structural layout in hand so that you know all about component classification and its positioning. Maintaining a development pattern is no doubt a logical and practical approach that helps improve your codebase functionality.
  • Trying to make the coding look tough consciously: There are many PHP programmers in the industry who think themselves as ‘experts’ and ‘out of the crowd’. To exhibit their excellence and keep the commoners at bay, they write codes that are puzzling and hard to crack. Now this becomes a major problem when the programmer starts considering himself as “too good” and becomes a self proclaimed prodigy. As a programmer it is important that you stay connected to the beginner root and avoid using codes that can be misleading and confusing.
  • Not being updated about the latest techniques: As a professional PHP programmer, it is essential that you stay updated and in sync with the changing techniques of the industry. Connect with communities and dedicate time to stay abreast about the big news of the progressing technology.
  • Not sharing: Conversing and sharing with fellow programmers make the best way to improve your knowledge and ability. Sign up in different community forums where you can sharpen your skills by helping and getting helped simultaneously.

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  1. ryan says:

    omg, am I kind of bad programmer?

  2. Carl Simmons says:

    I don’t believe it’s possible to judge whether a PHP programmer is good or bad by your list however I agree that your items are things programmers need to consider.

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