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The use of WordPress for running a blog or a site is easy and interesting—but it tends to drift the pleasure into pain if it starts following a snail’s pace. A famous term is “every problem has a solution”; in the same way WordPress has plugins to cater the speed with efficiency. The use of these plugins eradicates the delay in load and can bring back the speedy process for blogging enjoyment. Through these plugins the cache system of WordPress based website works on increasing the speed of WordPress.
The caching system of WordPress is responsible for creating copies of web pages and saving them in servers as static files as well as cached queries in databases. Whenever a reader opens a specific page of the website, the cached copy gets opened. In this way the process of loading is speeded up, the requirement of resources for development of web pages from server decreases and as a result WordPress speeds up. This was an intro to what you do and what you achieve after using these plugins.
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Five Best Plugins for Speeding up WordPress:

1. Cache DB Reloaded Fix

This plugin work great, is effective and is the latest modified version of DB Reloaded Fix cache compatible with WordPress 3.1. This plugin is latest for caching MySQL queries which are required for optimizing WordPress speed.

2. Cache Total W3

This cache plugin is among the choices of many successful and major blogs such as Mashable and Smashing magazine. Its success and choice has reasons including its customization features such as content delivery network integrations and source codes mini-fixation etc. A successful installation of this plugin results in ten time’s faster installation.

3. Cache Hyper Extended

This plugin has a great and pleased user experience rating. It’s an enhanced and upgraded version of Hyper WordPress plugin cache and has great features linked to it, such as compression, supporting phone devices and 404 caching page errors.

4. Quick Cache

The plugin has been developed by Primo Themes and is lightweight and user friendly at the same time. Its attraction is because of its features, for which the list goes very long such as log in users capabilities etc.

5. WP-cache Plugins

This Plugin started back in 2007 and is still privileged for the list of track record which offers capabilities of learning the poorly loading posts, files and WebPages.


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    The Cloudflare service is also an option to consider. It provides a speed & performance boost to your site.

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