Grid Layout Shock : Pinterest style Recharged

The large amount of plugins developed for WordPress allow to do virtually everything; this one, allows to turn your wordpress site into a cool grid at the best style of Pinterest; if you have a lot of posts and are looking for the best way to show them, Grid Layout Shock may be the solution you are looking for. If you like pinterest and wordpress, you will probably love this plugin.

A remarkable thing in this plugin that it is made to show your content classified in categories, taxonomies, and post types; so your content is showed always in an organized way. The plugin also allows to show content from external RSS sources just by inserting the RSS feed URL, very similar to the actual Pin it capacity if the actual tool, which makes it very convenient.

Grid layout shock

Grid Layout Shock is a very versatile plugin and counts with quite enough personalization features to make the grid look unique; to mention some of them, you can determine the color of the box (or pin), you can order of the posts from the newest to the oldest and vice versa; you can set the grid to be shown in pages, in example, you can use fifty posts to create five pages with grids of ten posts each one; you can change the font type and size to be used, the width of the boxes and much more.

The developers of this plugin, the same team behind Jquery Slider Shock, had invested some time on making the tool as responsive as possible, as it is based on the Masonry JS plugin but also allows that boxes adjust responsively by CSS. All of this can be seen at the official page; where it is possible even to build your own grid to see the power of the tool.

Pinterest is defining a trend in the internet, and with this plugin you can have the power of pinterest at hand to boost up your site.


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