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A good proposal of your services is very important if you are a freelance business owner. You see, an advertisement for a project receives dozens or even hundreds of quotations from different freelancers. To increase your chances of winning, it is necessary that your quotation must have something different and unique from other applicants.

Of course, some things like your low charges and high quality of service will help you make a mark, but there are some other things which will prove to be an added advantage.

Here is where web app like Quote Roller enters to help. Quote Roller (here is their website) was established in 2011 to help freelancers like you to design quality quotations with their SaaS.

Their quality proposal templates enable you to design professional quotes which will certainly make an impression, while most of your competitors will be submitting their quotes in the old-fashioned Word format.

Some of the prominent features of Quote Roller are:

Large library of templates

Quote Roller offers a large library of predesigned templates which are already fine-tuned for different types of businesses. These templates contain pages of well-written text, which will help you save money in hiring a content writer.

These templates belong to many categories, like web development proposal template, construction proposal template, landscaping proposal template, and interior design custom template, to name a few.

quote roller

Edit or create your own templates

You can tweak one of the pre-made templates or you can still design your own proposal from scratch, too. The drag-and-drop feature of Quote Roller enables you to edit and design your own templates without the requirement of any coding skills. But, if you have a knowledge of HTML and if you want to go do advance-level coding, you can do even that too.

Digital signature

Quote Roller allows your clients to sign your proposals directly from their web browsers. This saves both you and your client time and effort, cutting out faxing, emailing, signing and scanning.

With this digital signature feature, your clients can sign your contracts online (with a digital pen, of course) and save the copy and the signature will reflect in the documents whenever you open them from your browser. This reduces friction in the whole process and the experts say the less the friction, the higher are the chances of your clients to strike a deal with you.

quote roller2

Get organized

When an advertisement for a contract is aired, many freelancers apply for the project. Although not all such contracts are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, it casts a good impression if you apply early when there are lesser options for the client to consider rather than later, when the client’s mailbox is cluttered with hundreds of applications.  Quote Roller enables you to rapidly price your offer by inserting pre-saved services, products and subscriptions. In fact Quote Roller’s automatic systems will fill in some details on their own on the basis of the data you would have entered elsewhere in the template, saving you time.

So go and check the site out or try our 6-week special trial — use code “LOVETHYDESIGNER” — and then let me know what you think, by filling in the comments below.


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