Enjoy Summer with 20% Discounted Images from Depositphotos

Depositphotos, one of the “main players” of microstock industry is everywhere now. Since founded in 2009, in just 4 years this website has achieved a title as the fastest-growing microstock agency. The title is based on the fact that Depositphotos is able to get over 1 million users and more than 14 million stock files during that relatively short period. The stock files are also varied from photos, vectors, until footages (videos).

It is not easy to maintain and keep developing such a big company considering fierce competition in this sector. Thus, Depositphotos always try to satisfy their users and also promote their company by providing many special programs and promos. As a result, you can always find promos offered by this site in every events or special occasions. For example, special discount for Easter and Spring which had been given in the recent months.

Small boy playing a soccer game with a man

Now, as we are approaching Summer, this site has also provided us with 20% off for summer images from Depositphotos’ special lightbox. For your information, lightbox is a feature that commonly owned by most of the microstock websites. Lightbox is a kind of special place where you can put your favorite and selected images to ease you in reviewing or purchasing them later on. So, in this case Depositphotos has provided some special summer time images with discounted price in a special lightbox for the buyers.

Not like the recent promos where you can find a lot of exclusive vector collection, in this summer lightbox the collection seems like focused only on high quality photos. However, you can still see some vector images available.

As you can expect, the summer images’ theme are not far from beach, sand, sun, bikinis, and refreshing beverages. If you see it carefully, every image shown here is given “sale” label on its corner. There are 1869 summer themed images which can be downloaded in this sale, so you have a lot of choices.


Summer From Depositphotos.com


Retro ice cream From Depositphotos.com

Here is the example of how the discount works for the sale images. On the lowest price this discount may not give much, but if we want to buy the high resolution images or extended license, we can get quite good price.


In short, if you need images or photos for greeting card, advertisement, website banner, etcetera, why don’t try Depositphotos? With their summer lightbox discount, you can save some money without losing quality. So, enjoy the sun!


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