The Rise of eCommerce and Keeping Your Customers Safe

There’s no denying that online business is booming. At the rate technology is going we’ll soon be able to place an order online and have the items teleported to our front doors! As time seems to be the hottest commodity for the average consumer, being able to provide them with instant accessibility to the things they need most works to everyone’s advantage. If you’re new to business and thinking of developing an eCommerce site, you should know that it is certainly a great time to sell online…for more reasons than one.


Why does the eCommerce industry seem to be on the rise as of late? It all boils down to consumer convenience. Consumers benefit from eCommerce sites for multiple reasons:

  • It provides them with a large inventory (potentially not found in stores)
  • No more waiting in long lines
  • No more hopping from store to store to find out if a product is available
  • Shopping whenever they want (24/7 shopping)
  • Easy price comparison research
  • Access to products and services that may not have been available in their locality

Making Your Site Secure for Online Shoppers

As you’re probably already aware, not all websites are created equally. With the added convenience of online shopping also comes the increased risk of cyber threats. Identity theft and online scams are quite frequent, and consumers are educating themselves on how to avoid the drama. With more than 25 million US citizens reporting that they fell victim to online fraud, it is imperative that you take your time in developing a site that puts their fears at ease.

Security is a Top Priority

Above all else, it is imperative for web developers and/or website owners to ensure the safety and security of their consumer’s personal information. When completing transactions online, a consumer wants to know that they will not be “attacked” by cyber thieves and more importantly, that their personal information will not be easily obtainable by unauthorized parties.

Network Security Software

This is where cloud solutions come into play. By utilizing network security software, web developers can ensure that their site is free from malicious viruses, malware, and spyware. At the very onset of a threat, the proper network security program will provide alerts so that you can keep your customers safe.

Security Certification

Security certifications are another layer of protection you can supply your consumers with. SSL’s are designed to encrypt the customer’s information the moment they type it in. Check to ensure that your company’s URL includes the https:// as the “s” stands for secure. If you do not have an “s” in your URL, you can also opt to place a security/encryption badge on your site which would notify consumers that their information is safe.

Authentication Layers

Last for security features to consider would be authentication layers. Requiring that your consumers take a few minutes to sign up for a secure account can put their mind at ease. Each time they access your site, they’ll be asked to supply a username and password. Should they forget their password, having several steps to retrieve this information is another way to make customers feel secure with shopping on your site. This might include verifying the email, clicking on a link, answering a security question, and of course changing the password.

Relevant Contact Information

One of the first things consumers are told to about spotting a fraudulent eCommerce site is to check the contact information. Even exclusively virtual businesses should have a physical location as well as an email address and phone number for them to contact. Ensure that this information is clearly displayed on your site in the “contact us” area.

There’s a lot more than aesthetics that go into developing an eCommerce site that your customers will enjoy. While it is great to have a site that looks attractive, if it does not look legit or does not provide the necessary layers of security, it will drive website traffic down. Take the time to ensure you’ve incorporated each of the above discussed security measures into your ecommerce site and put your mind, and the minds of target consumers at ease.


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