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In an age where most business and research is done online, it’s important to know how to advertise yourself and your company in a way that will reach the largest number of people possible. Facebook is one of the largest and most successful social media sites in the world, and over the years, it has enhanced its reach to more than just staying in contact with old friends. Now, businesses that advertise with a marketing page on Facebook are becoming increasingly successful. Because consumers spend so much time on Facebook, it becomes a competition to see what businesses can be seen and heard enough through Facebook to remain in the forefront of the minds of users. But it’s about more than just having a page; it’s about having a presence and understanding how to advertise your company’s brand in an effective and worthwhile way.


1. Create Your Page

Creating a page for your business is a very easy process. When logged in to Facebook, click the small arrow in the top right corner and select the “Create Page” option. From there, it’s a simple guided process of answering questions about the type of business, your location, and contact information for users who see your page. Make sure to include as much information as possible, but when describing your business, put your most promising selling points towards the top of your description. Many times, it is most effective to use bullet points so that a consumer can quickly understand your most important points.

2. The Page’s Look

It’s important to make a clean and professional looking marketing page that will catch people’s eyes and stick in the consumers’ minds. Use a clear photo as the main picture for your page. Make it something that can be identified as your company, and preferably something clear enough to be seen even when the picture is just in a thumbnail. One example might be the company’s logo and slogan. Your cover photo can be a picture of all your employees, a listing of your rates, or even a promotional picture for an event you’re having. Because your cover photo is seen once a consumer is already on your page, it doesn’t have to be as easy to distinguish as your profile picture.

3. Getting Likes

The way to get followers via your marketing page on Facebook is to get other people on Facebook to “like your” page. Once all employees have “liked” the page and invited their close friends and family to do so, it’s important to have employees, business contacts, and users of your products or services to like and mention your page on Facebook and give you excellent reviews. In this day and age, Facebook is an excellent way to get promoted. Many times, someone will see a shining recommendation for a plumbing or painting company from a friend on Facebook, and will keep that in the back of their minds for when they need a plumber or a painter. Also, make sure to post and be active in relevant Facebook activity. Look for groups that are specifically in your area that might help you reach new “likes” and in turn, customers. Consider what your customers may have in common, ranging from location to age groups. As you get more and more likes, do special promotions like a special discount for a randomly chosen Facebooker, who mentions your company and talks about their positive experiences with your company. This will give your “likers” the initiative to mention you, and it gets your company’s brand out even more.

4. Posting Frequently

Getting “likes” isn’t where advertising your brand ends. To really stick your company name and product in the minds of consumers, you have to be present frequently on their newsfeed. While you want to be a presence pretty consistently, you don’t want to post too much. Clogging up your consumers’ newsfeeds with advertisements won’t get you more customers, people will just become annoyed and “unlike” your page. You should post pretty frequently about awards, promotions, discounts, and special events, but you should also share articles and pictures and other such things that communicate your company culture and the values that are important to you and your employees. Don’t try to be fake because customers will know. Share things that are important and exciting to you; don’t just share things that you think you should share.

5. Utilize Facebook’s Ads and Targeting

In addition to a marketing page itself, Facebook offers a variety of paid ways to promote your business, such as ads that target specific groups of people. You can also pay to boost certain posts, making them appear higher on users’ newsfeeds. When it comes to promoting your business, it is becoming virtually unavoidable to use social media. Facebook offers a variety of ways to communicate with your community, and having a marketing page will take your business to the next level regarding publicity and customer traffic.

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