See the World Differently

Do you see a twig on a blue tarp, or a seahorse gliding gently in the deep blue sea?

Often times we get in a brain rut and only see what’s to be expected. This can hinder the design process. For instance, we may miss typos in our web content due to proofreading what should be on the page, instead of what actually is there.


We may get in a habit of using web design templates and may come to expect websites to
look a certain way.

To break out of monotonous thinking, try exercising your brain. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try ethnic cuisine you normally wouldn’t eat (like Indian Tikka Masala).
  • Sample perfume, cologne, or aromatherapy oils.
  • Put many different genres of music on your playlist (like 50’s beebop, classical, and 80’s new wave).
  • Watch a silent film.
  • Pet a dog or a cat.
    Research suggests that altering set behavior patterns, changes the way you think. This often leads to fresh insights and creative web design solutions.
  • Take time to train your brain to see the possible in the impossible. Look at objects in a different light. Do they have another function? Look at web design codes and graphic elements differently. Can you use them to serve another purpose? Try tweaking and experimenting with your websites, codes and designs.
  • Avoid seeing the obvious. Hidden gems and treasures await your discovery.
  • Find web design inspiration in unexpected places and look past the surface in all things.
  • Who know, you may strike it rich by noticing the Virgin Mary’s silhouette burnt into your toast.
  • On that note, do you want to buy the seahorse stick on E-bay? What’s your bid?

Sheri Kinoshita Yee, owner at Graphic and Web Designer with a desire to inspire.


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